Wednesday, February 09, 2005

To iMac Apple with Love

To iMac Apple With Love
From K & D with Hugs and Kisses

note: this is my 3rd entry for the's Test Drive A Mac. My granddaughters' photos are not uploaded here.

I am a grand mom and I am proud of it. Who can’t be proud if your grandchildren are as loveable as my Kyllenne and Darrielle? Forgive me I love my own.

What is so sad is that they are not with me. They are miles away from me and are staying there at
Williamsburg with their Mom and Dad.

How can I show them my love and care? Simple. I wrote them children’s stories through my web log. They enjoyed hearing children stories as written by me and are read to them by my daughter, their Mom. Those stories on my blog made us closer as if we are not miles away. These past weeks, I’ve never composed one and I felt uneasy.

My iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer as if feeling the sadness inside me, seduced me once more to explore the Mac Windows. I found out how easy it was to type documents. It was a breeze to open new documents, save them and place them on the desktop’s screen. I just dragged the whole document and presto, I was able to paste it. No more right click, double click that I used to do. Using the safari, I was able to display on the screen all the windows I need for copying and pasting. And whenever I need a window I’ll just click the safari icon and it will go back to the screen in full text. Whenever I need to set it aside, I just click an icon and presto like a wind folding it go back down to the icons corner down the screen. Imagine, I was able to composed two stories for them. Thank goodness, I was able to post those stories on time for my daughter to visit my
blog and read those stories to her twin daughters.

Though my granddaughters cannot talk yet, they wish to say this from the bottom of their hearts;

“ Dear Grand Mom’s iMac,
Yipeee! We have new stories again. She typed them real easy and posted on time. Thank you.
Here’s hugs and kisses for you. Ummm!

Love you too,

Kyllenne and Darrielle


ajay said...

hi luchie. what a coincidence..i also made a post about my son today and i also have twin daughters. twins are a darling, aren't they?

this is a nice ode to the I-mac you got. wish i was typing on something like it too. cheers!

Luchie said...

you got twins also. they are surely adorable too.
gonna visit ur site to see your article about ur son. i'm sure he is as special as ur twins.

schatzli said...

Dear mga apo, ang pagmamahal ko sa inyo I will express it through my imac ;-) galing no? sige po lola we have been using apple since 1996, other than using it to express our love to others, we have used it to do lay outs for the community paper here in Athens, Greece.
One day your grandchildren will learn to read & write, they will appreaciate your love!

Luchie said...

Thank you. so ur so familiar with the imac, no wonder ur site so nice. i link up na kita ha?

schatzli said...

Lola L di pa imac, the old one we have is an old faithful mac, hubby has the G4 titanium, am using a sony now but we are moving and we both fell in love sa imac kaya yan na yata ang regalo namin sa isat isa.

But I tell you, super talaga ang mac!

Luchie said...

Wow Ms. Schatzli gandang advertisement nyan. may the apple people note na the best gift sa valentine ay imac. you gave me an idea for my next blog sa Feb 14. thanks.

schatzli said...

Usapan namin if we get the iMac then that will be our birthday, valentines present to each other... pareho naman kaming mac lovers ;-)

sige Lola L sulat kayong ng article for the love of iMac

Luchie said...

okay i will really write one.
but kidding aside, pag nakita mo ako you will not even say i am a lola and that i can assure you. pwera inggit ha....