Sunday, March 25, 2007


I just watched this on cable, the Animal Planet Channel. I was so amused and so I took my camera and took this photo. The lady is a primatologist from UK who after 8 years went out to the wild to find out if the ape she cared for would still recognize her. As you can see on photo, the ape do recognizes her. So amusing....

If only most people are like that. Why?? Is it easier to pretend you don't know a person than to tell her, we've meet somewhere?? Hmmm...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

To cane or not to cane?

As parents, we've all come to a point when we face the dilemma whether to discipline our own children by using corporal punishment or by just be firm with them in stating what we want. In my case, most of the times, I tried then, to talk it out with my own children. I would not say that I am a perfect parent. But I know I made incorrect decisions too. I may have hurt my own children, perhaps in their own thinking, or I may not have hurt them at all physically. What I am sure of is that I made decisions out of my love for them.

As an early childhood educator, it really hurts when one of your children is caned by her own father or mother. I understand that parents are more expert as far as their own children are concerned. But it still leave me that shaken when a lot of cane marks are so prominently seen on a young child's body. Oh, I have to understand that that particular parent underwent that dilemma too; whether to cane or not to cane. But tell me, is it worth it?

I don't know. Up to now I don't know. When I first saw a child with cane marks, I was so angry. Angry with that particular parent. Many years passed by, I still feel uncomfortable with it. But God, I have to accept that that's the way it is.

Ahh, she just remind me of my dear grandkid Darrielle. I will always love her. May she feel the love behind the pain. I hope...

Monday, March 12, 2007

For Karllisse

I am in the process of doing a play documentation, (it could be that simple, but for others, they make the work so complicated!!! Brrr!) but I decided to write something for my dear granddaughter Karllisse. It will be her 2nd birthday on the 17th. How I wish I am there with her and her twin sisters and their Mom, my eldest. Ahhh!! We really could not have it all.

In my moment of sadness, missing my beloved grandkids, I almost wanted to give up what I have. I can fly anytime I want to. But it is not that easy. There are many considerations. All I have to do is to be patient. How can I be patient when every moment of my day, happy faces of my grandkids’ are flashing in my mind? “Take your time Mom! Wait! After our own commitments, we can go together for a visit”, my daughter Marielle assured me. It lightened my heart, made my sadness bearable.

So for my dear Karllisse I could just say this from here: Happy birthday girl!!!

You are my inspiration in writing this,


and also this

May you inspire me more!


We love you!

Friday, March 09, 2007


I just came from my course. And I decided I better write an entry. Why so? Because I just came from a nice, well, a good lecture. Ahh, I like the topic. It was about MI or Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner. My lecturer just made my three hours this night a satisfying one. If all the lecturers would be as good as him, I'll completely say that it is really nice to upgrade, whatever you may think of what an upgrade is.

Well, going back to MI. In 1995, Dr. Gardner added a new type of intelligence aside from the seven which he introduced in 1983. He introduced the Naturalist Intelligence. Here, a person with this type of intelligence has the ability to recognize flora and fauna and to make other consequential distinctions in the natural world. Do you think you have this type of intelligence? If you'll ask me, I don't have. But wait, maybe a little. My score in this would be at lest a 3 in the scale of 1 to 10. Wahhh! I am not like my mother, kasi, who has a green thumb and can produce the nice orchid flowers around and can name most of the plants in her environment. She also has that natural love for animals and or pets.

But mind you, I have my own type of intelligence and or intelligences. And I am proud of my strengths.

So, how many types of intelligences are there ba? As I mentioned, we have 8. But according to my lecturer, when Dr. Gardner was asked that question, he answered 8 and 1/2. Ayyy, is that possible ba? Well, Dr Gardner has not enough datas that was why he answered 8 and 1/2. But in due time, he'll be able to present the 9th, which is the Existentialist Intelligence. Ohh, I'll wait for that time when his data will be presented to the public.

So dear folks, we know now that because of our uniqueness, we have different intelligences. So no person around is not intelligent. Everyone has his own type of intelligence. So stop saying boba or bobo, di ba?

Joking aside, I want to thank my lecturer for a nice lecture. It was a good lecture really. That was why I gave him a perfect 5 for my evaluation.

Hmmm, bye for now, I'll be soooooooooooo busy with my projects, literature review and temperament profile. Hope you will still visit my site once in a while.