Monday, September 12, 2011

Hotel Life and a New Blogger

Many things have happenned to my life since I last posted here. And many things have happenned to Blogger too. I hope in a few days or with more postings, I can catch up with the new things in Blogger.

Since Hurricane Irene damaged the house, we are now and still living in this hotel, Homewood Suites @ Hilton. The first few days were exciting. The gym, the pool, the free breakfast and free dinner, add interest and leisure to anyone's relaxing life. But as days passed by, hotel living is not that awesome anymore. You will miss that homely activities, the real cooking, the daily household chores, the chirping of the birds, the sights of neighbors and passerbys.

How I wish we can move to the new house already. But in the meantime, I should make the best of everything even with my hotel life or Blogger life.

Wish me well!!