Sunday, February 06, 2005


As I announced already I am one of the test drivers of iMac as sponsored by Today newspaper here in Singapore in collaboration with Apple-Asia. If you are interested, you can visit
Herewith is my first entry for the online journal. I hope I will win. I dream to be.


Exactly two months into my blogging life, the Today newspaper published a contest Test Drive A Mac. With my passion in writing and love for learning something new and interesting, I was tempted to sign- in. For who can resist such an offer like that? A Mac? And luckily I was chosen to be one of the test drivers.

So on Thursday night after work I hurriedly went to Clifford Centre. Then and there I saw the Mac, the iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer. I fell in love. What a beauty! So lovely, so neat and white, so shining and smooth, a real stand out. I was tempted to touch it, to hug it, and proclaim it as my own. Oh it will be mine for three weeks. Three short weeks of a love affair.

I was so excited to see its inside. For sure it must be lovely. I excitedly view its features. So nice, so high tech. Then I was suddenly gripped with fear. How can I operate it? I am not technically savvy. I might hurt it, I might destroy it, That I don’t want to happen. Then its widescreen invited me as if comforting me that it will be okay. That in due time I will learn and that I will be able to appreciate her inner beauty the more.

It seduced me to explore her and find out what she can offer. I, blinded with love for its magnetic beauty continued to press here and there and click here and there. Wow! What a feeling! I don’t want to stop. It brought me to the highest joy of what the internet can give. I desired it to be mine forever. But how? It will only be a fling.

I told myself this love at first sight must not be short-lived. How will I do it? I must learn her more. I must understand her more. And who knows, after three weeks, she will be mine forever my seducer, my temptress, my iMac.

And if she’ll not be mine, well it will be painful. But like in all relationships, it is better to experienced love than not to experienced at all. This relationship might not be a two way traffic, but then what’s important is that I know I will learn from her, That after our affair, I will be a confident woman, a technically savvy woman.

So are you ready to be seduced also?


Bambit said...

naku luchie, sige, tell us more! i am wishing that your love affair with your iMac lasts forever! :)

schatzli said...

bloghop fr Miss T saw that Imac sa London shop nila wowwww. we might get one,so hubby will find a way to sell his G4 ;-) cool enjoy the mac test

Luchie said...

naku sana nga it will lasts forever.

Luchie said...

thank you for visiting.

sachiko said...

Hey,hey,hey...!!!!!!!!!!If a mac contest can make one feel that sexy and seductive, I want a mac lover too!!! lol!

Luchie said...

yes sachi, better switch to Mac.