Sunday, December 07, 2008

Manny Pacquiao won the match

Here is the news from Associated Press.

Pacquiao wins in eighth round over De La Hoya
By TIM DAHLBERG – 12 minutes ago
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Manny Pacquiao fought a lot bigger than he looked. Oscar De La Hoya simply looked old.
Pacquiao dominated his bigger and more famous opponent from the opening bell Saturday night, giving De La Hoya a beating and closing his left eye before De La Hoya declined to come out of his corner after the eighth round.
The fight was so lopsided and De La Hoya looked so inept that it could spell the end for boxing's richest and most marketable star.

Friday, December 05, 2008

One Year Old

Today my husband turns one year old. He is now celebrating life like an infant who sees life as beautiful, bright and full of hope after surviving from stroke a year ago. He wishes that he'll reach up to thirty years old with a blessed life with us. Mostly, he wishes that his new life will be spent happily with our grandkids. They were the ones who were instrumental in his enlightenment and complete rebirth.
We thank GOD for all the blessings. We thank GOD for a new beginning and complete realization of what family and love is all about.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Thank You and A Birthday Greeting

Tomorrow will be my daughter's birthday. We wish her a happy happy birthday together with her family in Virginia. She is surely very happy as she campaigned hard for Barack Obama even though she is a Friend of Hillary. Obama's win is a gift for her too. May she have more birthdays to come in the land where all dreams can come true.

Here in Singapore, we are of course thankful that Mr. Obama won. My co-teacher asked me what US election got to do with me when I told her I wish Obama to win. Hmm, I admit I am not an American. But Obama's win has an impact on us too. Yes, we are thankful that Barack Obama won. We are optimistic that my grandchildren who are all Americans will have a better life under his presidency.

Happy birthday my dear daughter! We are proud of you that you think of your children's future by campaigning for Obama. And we are glad to hear Kyllenne in her Southern accent saying " Mommy, we have a new president, Obama!" Surely, she'll grow up to be politically conscious as you are.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Double


Thursday, October 16, 2008

...because i am forgetful!!!

You lost items in school for the third time. First, you said you lost a bag/toy which was placed inside your office. The next time you said you lost your hand phone near the dining area. Then this afternoon you said you lost the make-up kit you bought to be used for the K2's concert. So you asked for a meeting. Of course it is really pathetic that things will be lost in school considering we are all educators. You then told us that you lodged a police report when you lost your hand phone. You added that when you found out that you lost the make-up kit, you called the higher up. If that someone will be found out to be the culprit, her name will be stripped from MOE's register and will not be able to teach the rest of her life. Correct, correct. We all agreed. But when you added, " so when I go to your classroom, you must keep whatever I left behind or tell me that I left something because I am forgetful" an obvious affirmation of your irreponsibility, made me irritated. So I told you that you should also change your behaviour. You must change your attitude. Girl, you must first learn how to take care and be responsible of your own things. If they got lost, it is your responsibility. Yes, I pity that you lost things. May the real culprit be named. Not only she is a disgrace to our organization she also tainted our profession. But girl, you blew this big time. Yes, big time. You just cannot rationalize that you are forgetful. Blame yourself for losing things. It is not our fault that you are forgetful. Do remember that those who are not doing anything wrong have their dignity also. And I am one of them. Tell me, how can you let us work with dignity knowing that because you are forgetful you might lost things again and we can be the suspects???Ahhhh girl!!!
and the main qurestion.. how if teachers are not registered or when you register them the registration does not reflect the correct qualifications.. hmmm it gets me thinking, girl....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Singapore....and I am for Lewis Hamilton

Surely almost everybody knows F1 Singapore. Why so? It is because this is the first night street race. Like everyone around, my family is into it also. My second daughter just watched the practice last night and she went home so overwhelmed and proud. Right now, my two daughters are over there watching the live Qualifying Round while my husband and me are so glued on the TV screen. I am rooting for Lewis Hamilton but my husband wants either Massa or Kimi Raikkonen to win. I am confident Hamilton will win.

Here are some information about Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis Carl Hamilton was born on January 7, 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Hamilton started karting aged eight. When he was ten, he approached McLaren team owner Ron Dennis at an awards ceremony and told him he would drive for McLaren one day.

Hamilton, whose grandfather moved to the UK from Grenada in the 1950s, started his rise to the pinnacle of the sport in karts in 1995 taking top honours in the Masters at Bercy in 2000. A move to single seaters followed in 2001 with Hamilton taking part in the Formula Renault Winter Series finishing fifth overall. 2002 saw Hamilton back in Formula Renault, recording three wins with Manor Motorsport and finishing third in the championship standings.The championship followed in 2003 – again with Manor Motorsport – and Hamilton was very much into his stride. Wins in the F3 Euroseries before the championship followed in 2005 with ASM. A jump up to GP2 did not daunt Hamilton as he won the title in style from Nelson Piquet Jr with ART Grand Prix.

The McLaren Mercedes squad had Hamilton under its protective wing since the age of 12 and with Juan Pablo Montoya making a sudden move to NASCAR and falling out of favour with the Woking based team, Hamilton’s name was suddenly in the frame for the race seat with the team in 2007.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday & Children's Stories

Yesterday, a father wrote to me requesting that I give away goody bags from his child as it was his son's birthday. He added that he would appreciate it very much if her son would be greeted by the children and by me also. Of course, I obliged happily.

So we sang the birthday song to Nigel, the birthday celebrator. One child asked, "Ms. Luchie why Nigel has no cake for us?" You see, the children got used to the tradition that a birthday celebrator brings cake and goody bags. I just answered that " ringing cake is just an option, what's more important is we greet him on his birthday."

In my classroom, if I have the time I normally make a birthday card for the birthday celebrator of the day. Since I had time yesterday, I made a birthday card for Nigel. I showed it to the whole class and they all applauded for Nigel. Hong Yu suddenly blurted out; "Ms. Luchie you did not give me a card on my birthday!" I was not able to utter a word and later asked "Really?" Sarah answered for Hong Yu, "Yes. You did not give me a card too." I was a little shock. Deep inside me I want to say "Oh my! These children can remember. Did I hurt their feelings?" When I gained my composure, I promised to them that I will be giving them cards on Children's Day.

Children do really make us stop, think and wonder. They may look innocent but actually thay are geniuses who make our life more meaningful and enjoyable. Oh, how I love them.

How I love my grand daughters too. They are angels. That is why I wrote a story titled "The Three Angels Versus The Five Witches". I know that someday they will enjoy reading my stories for them.

If you are interested to read my stories do visit my site titled LUCHIE"S CHERUBIM TALES at

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dramatic Play : Food Court

As you can see above, my children in school are so engaged as they pretend play in my Dramatic Corner. You see, I decorated my classroom last Friday in preparation for Term 4 which began today. I made learning centres which include this interest area which I named Admiralty Food Court. Of course I am so proud of my work. Why so? My children were so engaged. They even said: "so nice Ms. Luchie", when they entered my classroom.

Yes dearie, my children play in the classroom for they learn through play. So you want to know more information about dramatic play? Please read.

Very early in life children show us that they have an amazing ability to use their imaginations in "let’s pretend" play. Children often use objects as symbols from past experiences. For instance, a child may use a block of wood to represent a loaf of bread. When children pretend to be someone or something else we call their activities "dramatic play".

Watching children’s dramatic play as it develops through the early childhood years lets us see that it becomes more complicated, extensive and prolonged over time. Dramatic play provides opportunities to combine spoken language with imagination, to imitate, and to pretend to be someone or something else. It stimulates all areas of a child's growth and can in turn affect the child's success in school. Dramatic play has also been shown to enable children to be more flexible in new situations. Pretending allows children to transform real life, changing things from how they really are to how the child perceives them to be.

What children learn from daramatic play? Here they are:

1. As they play, the children learn about themselves, their families, and the world around them. They clarify their impressions of what they have seen or experienced.

2.Play helps children to think about the way others act, think, and feel. It enables them to "try on" a role, experience, or feeling and to reflect on experiences that have been important to them. Children can act out times that they have found upsetting or hard to understand and show their feelings safely. Children may use play in this way to express their feelings about a new baby, or a visit to the doctor. When adults can understand the messages children send through play we can be more helpful in providing information and help.

3.Dramatic play helps children develop problem solving skills

4. Through dramatic play children develop communication skills. When children ask other children to play they must use language. As the play develops, they practice talking with each other and listening to what others have to say.

5.Children learn cooperation! Dramatic play provides unlimited opportunities for children to interact with each other and to learn to get along with others and to feel good about working together.

6. Children use dramatic play to discover the role of humor in human relationships.

7.Dramatic play encourages children to organize, predict and develop planning skills.

8.When children get involved in dramatic play they show a remarkable ability to focus, concentrate and stay on task. Once they are involved in play, adults are often astounded at how long children will continue to cooperate and work together.

9. Children learn to think by using symbols when they are playing pretend. Learning to use symbols is what learning to read and write is all about.

10.Dramatic play allows children to learn about feelings and explore power.
(Source: betterkidcare by: J. Birckmayer)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Observation in Early Childhood

As an early childhood educator I am used to observing children. I always like to write anecdotal recordings. In there, I write what the particular child did and say and how he interacted with his peers. Now you want me to write my observations in only a few sentences, at least in two to three sentences. How can I do that, tell me? Your words and actions then and now just prove how "raw" you are. Sorry dearie, but I cannot for the life of me follow what you want.

Here are some information to enlighten you up. This information is not my own words. They are professional information taken from ECRP Early Childhood Research and Practice titled Wondering with Children: The Importance of Observation in Early Childhood as written by George Foreman & Ellen Hall.

Children are sometimes spontaneous, sometimes reserved; joyful now, sad later; friendly and reserved; competent and naïve; talkative and quiet. To be childlike is to experience an almost unpredictable array of discoveries, emotions, and levels of energy. Children are unique and complex and thus often difficult to comprehend. And they do not readily engage us in dialogue in order to explain the reasons for their caprice as they explore the world that surrounds them. Yet, as teachers, it is important for us to know our children deeply, to flow with their currents, and to extend their nascent theories about how the world works.

Given the delightful yet often enigmatic characteristics of young children, we learned decades ago that in order to comprehend children we must begin by observing them as they play. But what do we see as we observe, and how do we use our observations to enhance our effectiveness as teachers?

Five Reasons to Observe Children

Here are some of the reasons that teachers offer when asked about the value of watching and listening to children:

If I watch the children play, I can discover their interests.
By observing children, I can assess their developmental levels.
I look to see what strategies children use to attain their goals.
Observing children helps me know what skills the children need to practice.
When I observe children at play, I learn a lot about their personalities.

We want to use these reasons again, so we will provide an example that illustrates the general meaning of each:

Interests—He loves to play with trucks.
Developmental level—She throws the ball either very hard or not at all, but she does not vary the throw along a continuum of very hard, hard, and soft.
Strategies—She tries to influence her friend’s actions by controlling all of the crayons.
Skills—She has trouble stringing beads onto a knotted shoestring.
Personality—She is reserved and does not like to take risks.

In essence, we can learn at least five attributes of our children when we observe them closely:

Their interests and preferences
Their levels of cognitive and social development
Their strategies for creating desired effects
Their skills and accomplishments
Their personalities and temperaments
Each of the preceding objectives for observing is relevant if we desire to learn about children and thus improve the quality of our teaching. But we think that one of these objectives is best suited for gathering information in order to engage in high-level conversations with young children about their theories and attitudes, conversations that can support and extend their learning in both depth and breadth.

If we truly want to have high-level conversations with children about their beliefs, expectations, and assumptions about how something works or why something occurs, what do we need to know about the children? Quite simply, we need to know their beliefs, assumptions, and expectations so that we might enter the conversation with a paraphrase or counterpoint:

Knowing children’s interests might help us prepare the environment, but it does not help us have better conversations.
Knowing children’s skills might help us think about games to play that might encourage them to practice their skills, but it does not help us have better conversations.
Knowing children’s developmental level might help us predict what questions the children can answer, but it does not help us enter into a meaningful conversation with the children.
Knowing something about a child’s personality might help us be sensitive about our tone of voice or help us know what topics to avoid, but it does not help us have better conversations.

In order to have a meaningful conversation with a child, we need to know what the child thinks can be done in real situations (possible goals), and we need to know the procedures that the child believes will make things happen (possible strategies). If we have watched and listened long enough to determine the child’s goals and his strategies for attaining those goals, then we have both a resource for understanding the child and an interesting basis for a high-level conversation.

We might say, “It seems like you think the ball will roll faster if you make the incline steeper.” Or we might say, “Do you think you will have more friends if you have crayons?” But then in revisiting an experience with a child, putting that experience into words, we need to go beyond the observed strategies and consider the theories that make those strategies reasonable.

Considering children’s theories requires more than a careful transcription of what they say and do. We have to dig. We have to abstract the meaning of elliptical sentences, aborted movements, or a confusing explanation, request, or description. Children are competent learners, but as teachers, we have to slow down, carefully observe, and study our documented observations in order to understand the ideas that they are attempting to convey. In addition to slowing down, observing, and studying children’s actions and narration, understanding children’s theories requires a general knowledge of child development and a willingness to speculate.

Now tell me, how to write an observation in two to three sentences?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

43rd Birthday!!

We had a long and unique celebration of Singapore's birthday this year. We started from my classroom by hanging banners decorated by my children on the last week of July. Then ,we had a dinner on 3rd August with combined performances from Woodgrove Primary, Woodgrove Secondary and Innova Junior College. After that, we had our own centre's celebration and party yesterday. This morning, we had our observance day ceremony at Innova JC. Of course it will not end there. We will still watch on TV the National Day Celebration.

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Racial Harmony Day

Chinese Costume
Malay Costume
Indian Costume
Filipino Costume
Korean Costume

We celebrated Racial Harmony this morning. The children were asked to wear their own ethnic costume or the traditional costume of other races. My own children wore the costumes as you can see above. Nice and adorable children and I love them all!!
I'll post more photos next time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Difficult People

My husband sleeps early around nine o'clock to nine thirty everyday. When he's already sleeping and the next day will be a no working day, I usually visit other blogs and or post my own entries. Just now,I posted an entry about a meal I cooked ( I also visited blogs. One post I took notice was about the topic of difficult people. There was a question why God gave us difficult people to be with. So I asked myself that question too.

When I was younger, I thought that dealing with difficult people would be a challenge. That was why when I came face to face with real difficult people, I took that as a challenge. I gave myself only a few years, the most two to three to tame them. The first year was really challenging as I tried to revise on the different Personality Theories I learnt in the course of my degree studies. The second year was more on experimentation on why and how those people behave in such a way. The third year was frustrating as I became disoriented on why I could not pin point the rationale of their psychotic behavioural manifestations. The next year, I stopped counting but I continued praying to God to please enlighten them. As I stopped counting, I did not noticed that many years had passed by and I was getting older. When I woke up one morning, I heard a voice as if telling me:" you wasted your years waiting for them to change, did I not tell you that you should avoid loud people in the first place? " Yes, it took me years to realized that most difficult people will never ever change.

Back to the question, why did God allowed difficult people in my life? I don't know if it was fate, but all I can say is that those years with those difficult people made me a better person, mother and wife. Though it made me shaken and disoriented most of the times, I am proud to say that I survived. Yes, I am a survivor. For the strength of mind and spirit I acquired in the process. I thank God. Without God's help, surely I can imagine myself in that cold cruel basement.

So for those difficult people, always remember there will always come a day that your victims will wake up. Got it?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Information on Stroke

picture courtesy of Google Images

Since my husband suffered this cerebrovascular accident or stroke for short, my family learnt a lot about this disease and we learnt to be more health conscious. We are now eating healthy foods, more fruits and vegetables and mostly we buy food items with the Healthier Choice label by the Health Promotion Board.

Here are some information about stroke and stroke prevention courtesy of National Healthcare Group.

Stroke occurs because part of the brain is damaged by lack of blood supply. The lack of blood supply to the brain may be due to blockage or bursting of a brain blood vessel called an artery. The lack of blood supply leads to the symptoms of stroke. About 10% of stroke victims die from stroke. Many of thosee who survive are left severely disabled by the stroke.

Risk Factors:

1. 40 years old and above- but even younger people can get a stroke.

2. Male

3. High blood pressure


5. High cholesterol

6. Diabetes mellitus

7. Irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation)

8. previous stroke or TIA (mini stroke)

9. Excessive alcohol use.

My husband is not smoking, not drinking alcohol, exercises every day, and not diabetic, how come he became a stroke victim? From what I gathered from hospital information and the doctors themselves, stroke is hereditary and is the greatest factor.

As highlighted in , here are the risk factors for stroke that can't be changed.
Age - The chance of having a stroke more than doubles for each decade of life after age 55. While stroke is common among the elderly, a lot of people under 65 also have strokes.
Heredity (family history) and race - Your stroke risk is greater if a parent, grandparent, sister or brother has had a stroke. African Americans have a much higher risk of death from a stroke than Caucasians do. This is partly because blacks have higher risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
Sex (gender) - Stroke is more common in men than in women. In most age groups, more men than women will have a stroke in a given year. However, more than half of total stroke deaths occur in women. At all ages, more women than men die of stroke. Use of birth control pills and pregnancy pose special stroke risks for women.

So if you have a family history of stroke, you need to be more conscious and well informed. I think, it is a responsibility of a family member who survived stroke to communicate and inform their children and siblings their own experience, like what they felt with this disease so as their loved ones can also prepare and reduce stroke risk.

Symptoms of stroke:

1. Weakness or numbness of one side of the body.

2. Slurred speech, difficulty in speaking.

3. Loss of vision, double vision

4. Unsteadiness in walking, uncoordinated movements

5.Giddiness together with one of the above symptoms

6. The worst headache in your life.

7. Loss of consciousness, coma.

Stroke prevention:

1. Early detection and treatment of high blood pressure.

2. Not smoking.

3. Early detection and treatment of high cholesterol.

4. Early detection and treatment of diabetes mellitus

5. Early detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation

6. Taking prrescribed medication for previous stroke/TIA

7. Limited alcohol intake

8. Adopting a healthy lifestyle.

My husband is taking his medication religiously. Aside from having his physiotherapy and doing his daily exercises, he also eat healthy foods now. I cook food that is less in sodium and less oil for him.

Some of the dishes I cooked for him are here

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Follow Your Dreams

Above are photos of my husband before he had his left thalamic bleed. And whenever I look at him now, I feel a little bit sad. Sad that he is not that healthy now. There are so many "ifs " that are flashing in our mind which we should have done to prevent that stroke. You see, stroke is hereditary. As the doctor said, it is bound to happen but can be prevented. "If only if."

What console us now is that my husband is stronger in spirit now. He always recite his affirmations to himself which helped him realized how great a person he is. Here are some of his affirmation (taken from a book I let him read):

1. I am relaxed, trusting in God's plan that is unfolding for me.
2. I have a positively thinking mind and a perfect body.
3. I let go anything I have ever held against myself and see it dissove into the highest light.
4. I give myself permission to live, laugh & love to my fullest capacity.
5. Divine love now dissolves & dissipates every negative condition in my mind, body & circumstances.
6. My sense of worth cannot be measured by comparison with others.

Me and my daughters are very hopeful that my husband will recover fully. And this day, we want him to know that he is well loved. Happy Father's Day! We love you!!

This is for you.

Follow Your Dreams
Follow your dreams
wherever they lead,
don't be distracted by
less worthy needs....
Shelter them, nourish them,
help them to grow,
let your heart hold them
down deep where dreams go.
Be faithful, be loyal,
then all your life through,
the dreams that you follow
will keep coming true.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Pride and Joy

Since morning I was thinking of a way how to place all the photos my daughter sent me last month on my computer. My scanner has retired already. Then I remember my digital camera, my Canon IXUS 850 15. I decided to take a shot of each of the photos. You know what happened? The photos looked as if I took their pictures myself. Who would imagine I just aimed my shot on the paper and not on them posing in front of me? Thanks to my digital camera.

Now look at them, my pride and joy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Thoughts

Hmm, I am now sitting in front of my home computer and decided to visit this blog site of mine. I decided I better write an entry now, while I am not that occupied yet. Well, I am on my fourth day of school holiday. And on the 23rd of this month, classes will resume again. Therefore, this is the right time for me to write my thoughts, those thoughts that are swaying and dancing in my mind.

1. When my husband suffered a brain attack or stroke for short in December 2007, I almost decided to resign from my teaching job so I could concentrate on my husband. In the end I continued teaching and find an alternative care for him. Now that he is already “well”, I am thankful that I made the right decision. I know in my heart that my pre-school children helped me a lot in coping with my situation. They made me happy, confident and loved even though I felt so lost, scared and confused then.

2. I heard a lot about anti-depressant pills like Prozac. Of course, I have nothing against these pills as long as they are prescribed correctly to the right people who need them. Though there are many articles stating new ideas or research which claims that millions of prescriptions for anti-depressants may be having no medical effect at all on the people taking them, I still cling to that idea that it can cure acute depression. But how to know if a person is suffering from depression? Just because a person is manifesting one or two of the symptoms, the doctor can assessed in one sitting that the patient is depressed? With that, I beg to disagree. Correct me if I am wrong, but I learnt in my Clinical Psychology that a person has to go for a battery of tests before he can be diagnose as suffering from depression. Though I believe that pills can help a lot in curing depression, psychotherapy should not be forgotten also. Why I am saying all these? Because my husband’s rehab doctor prescribed 20 mg of Prozac to be administered for a month without my knowledge. Oh, I was not there when he went for his outpatient appointment. But people could not understand why I was so ANGRY and decided not to give those pills to my husband. Why” marunong pa raw ako sa doctor…”? Well, I am “marunong pa sa doctor” for these reasons:a) the doctor concerned should treat my husband’s post stroke problems and not his well being, he is not a psychiatrist by the way, b) I have my right to refuse prescriptions which I think is not appropriate for him, c) I know my husband’s personality and state of mind. I’ve known him for years compared to this doctor who have known him for only a few months, d) I just don’t believe that my husband is depressed, PERIOD. NOW I am thankful that I never let my husband took a single of those pills. I let him read books on relaxation. I let him do relaxation exercises/techniques too.

3. My husband is back to work already. It has been a month since he went back to work. Though he still got difficulty with walking and he has problems with his posture and balance, I can see that he is progressing day by day. I bought the thread mill and exercise bike for him. He still is undergoing physiotherapy and massotherapy every weekend. I am doing my best to help him recover fully. Though, I need to be patient. But I am sure one day he will his own self again.

4. I will always feel the pain those people had inflicted on me and my daughters. Though I may have forgiven them, I will surely not forget. So please, I have closed the book already. Don’t ever come back to our lives again. We don’t need you.

5. I want to say that we still enjoy TFC here in Singapore. We all like LOBO very much. We like Angel Locsin. She can really act.

Oh, this is getting longer. I better write TO BE CONTINUED….

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am busy with these kids. I find joy being a major part in their over- all development. I am also busy with my husband. I feel happy and satisfied that he makes it a point to finish the food with less salt, less sugar and less oil I prepared/cooked especially for him.
And I am as busy as them.
Photo 1: My 2008 pre school children. How nice to see them smile on camera.
Photo 2: My husband with me at Narita Airport. How nice to see him so healthy and fit.
Photo 3: My twin grandkids. How nice to see them at play.
Oh, I've really been soooo busy. Do I complain ? No, I never did. How come one person asked me to take a break? Wow! If she only knew that my being busy is a play for me. Yes dearie, I am busy but I am happy. Can you beat that?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Teachable Moment at GAP

"Hmmm, all these sunglasses look good for me and my sisters.."
"Wow! This piece suits me."
"Big sis, this is the colour I like."
"Well, well, we have chosen what we like. We can go now."
For children like my grandkids, shopping is just so simple. They will just select the items they like and presto, they can bring the items home. Just like what they did with those sunglasses. They kept them inside their individual pockets and got out of the store without my daughter and me or even the sales clerk noticing that they had those.
When we were inside the car, my daughter noticed those sunglasses. I took that as an opportunity to teach them values in life. I asked my daughter to go back to the store to explain what happened before paying them. With that experience my grandkids learnt that things in the store are meant to be paid. They cannot bring home things that they have not yet paid. Mostly, they learnt that they have to ask permission from their Mom before they can take things away from the store.
This was just a simple situation wherein we adults can make use of the"teachable moment" to young kids. When we make use of those teachable moments, it will be easier for children to understand and remember values and facts of life.
So the next time you go on shopping with your kids, look out for those teachable moments. Don't let those moments slip away without your kids not learning from the situation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three Angels

We miss you girls.
We miss you angels.
We love you!
See you soon, again!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year to everybody!!!!
May the Year of the Rat brings happiness and prosperity to all!!!

I've tried to post something since I came back from Williamsburg. But I was not able to.

Then, unexpectedly (of course!!) my husband suffered a mild stroke. That was why we spent our Christmas and New Year in the hospital. My husband's condition made us more closer as a family. We learnt to appreciate the importance of each other and the simple things in life. I can still say that we are still lucky. We are so thankful to God for all the blessings.

My family is also very thankful to the SCDF people, NUH doctors and High Dependency nurses, TTSH Rehab Hospital doctors and nurses and especially to Pei Fen and KC, my husband's PT and OT. We thank all of you wonderful people for all the help and care you showed to my husband.

And to this day, though there are a lot of changes in our lifestyle and everyday life, my family and my husband especially, are so very positive in looking at life and in the greatness of God.

So with this new year, we all wish everybody the best of everything.