Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Verdict

Setting: Student Centre
Background: There are 5 children in the centre who attend tutorials. They are all attending the same school for girls and are all in P5(Primary 5). They are friends actually but in different classes. As they have the same assignments and lessons, their tutorial sessions are going smoothly. They are all able to help each other and discuss what are happening in their school. They all have the same likes and dislikes and are fond of gymnastics and ballet. The only thing that differs is that one of them is Eurasian.
The Story: Lane is a very accomodating girl. She can understand other girls' feelings, behaviour and nature. Though she is Eurasian, she tries to be in with the girls by accepting without malice what she sees hears and feels. She was not able to learn any local dialect so she always express herself in English. When one of her friends speak in English and the other answers in Mandarin, she will never ever show any discomfort. For her, there is no malice in having her friends speak infront of her in a language she can't even understand. So it goes on and on. They will speak mixtures of English and Chinese. But lately, it became a pattern that they all speak Chinese all the time. Hearing pure Chinese spoken infront of her, she feels uncomfortable. Not being able to take it anymore, she distances herself from the group.
The Consequence: The teacher noticed something wrong with the group. After some observations, she concluded that Lane was wrong in distancing herself from the group. She advised her to learn basic Mandarin.
The Verdict: Ahh, can I say something. I feel for Lane. And my verdict: that girl disrespected Lane. She is not a real friend. Why can't she speak English infront of Lane when she is also fluent in English? She got no manners.

And you know who you are. You got no manners!!!!

My best presents as a mother

Early morning of Mother's Day, I was thinking how my children would let me feel the importance of my being a mother to them. As they are already young adults, I was open to the fact that there were many changes in them as to how they look on life and on their relationship with me as their mother. Though those changes may be brought about by their life experiences, I was still craving for those primitive feelings and moments with them. And thankfully, I got them that day.

My eldest never failed me when she called from Virginia and let my grandkids speak to me. How wonderful it was to hear their sweet voices! My two daughters greeted me also. I am not materialistic of course. But the presents they gave me, made me happy, not because of the materialistic value but the love that came with each item, a new iPod and Shiseido products. A treat in Swensens also completed my day.

After that special day, I contemplated on my role as a mother. Am I really happy being a mother at this stage? Am I looking back to those days when they were little kids, where I was always the one whom they looked- up to? Am I not regretting the fact that I chose them over my career?

Hmmm. I admit the fact that I always cherish the days when they were just little children, where every word I said and every move I did were precious to them. Imagine how it feels to be the queen of their worlds. And ahh, they grew up now. They already have their own priorities and visions in life. They are already professionals in their own rights and earning more than what I am taking home. That makes me look like the "loser" in the family if salary will be the basis of happiness and success. Am I jealous then?

To tell you frankly, I enjoyed the stage when they were kids. And I also enjoy this stage where I am now. Being a mother to professionals made me more proud as a mother. Their "success" are just proofs of how I played my role passionately. I may be earning little than them but I am earning more love, more experiences, more stories to tell. Where will this stage in my life as a mother will lead me, is something I have to cherish also day by day.

So, let me tell you the precious gifts I got as a mother. My eldest, an assistant manager at Movado, my second a tax accountant for Price Water House Coopers (she just finished her last papers at RMIT and is scheduled to start this 1st of June), and my youngest a Software Engineer at ST. Yeah, I still remember my post about a close relative who always brag about her own. Why I am bragging mine? Ohh!!!

Now, is their being professionals the best presents I got? Oh No! I never said that! Honestly, whatever they attained educational and career wise, I'll still be proud of them. And what they become as persons are the best gifts I got. Being loving, caring and compassionate persons are the best gifts they gave me. And they are also the best gifts I can give to God in return.

Looking at my two daughters here in SG, and seeing my eldest being a mother too, make me appreciate my presents as a mother.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lovely Bones on the big screen

I read this very good news courtesy of Yahoo. One of my favourite novel, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold will be adapted into a movie version and to be directed by Peter Jackson. Surely, it will be an experience to see on the big screen Susie Salmon as she speaks from heaven.

Do read the entire news here:

Peter Jackson is teaming up with DreamWorks SKG to film his adaptation of the best-selling novel "The Lovely Bones."

DreamWorks beat out three other bidders — Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. — to finance Jackson's version of Alice Sebold's 2002 best-seller about the murder of a 14-year-old girl who narrates her tale from heaven.

Jackson, best known for the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, will direct from a script he wrote with his wife, Fran Walsh, and collaborator Philippa Boyens. The film begins shooting in October in Pennsylvania and New Zealand.

"In the hands of Peter Jackson, we have a master of cinematic storytelling to bring it to the screen," DreamWorks CEO Stacey Snider said in a statement announcing the deal Friday.
Financial terms were not released.

Jackson won three

Academy Awards in 2004 for "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." His other credits include "King Kong" and "Heavenly Creatures."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

For the love of Spidey

Since we learnt that Spider-Man 3 would be shown on cinemas here, my family anticipated on watching it. My daughter tried to book for our tickets on the opening day, the first of May, but she was not able to book seats for four. So she booked for a later date; the following Saturday, 5th May. Unfortunately, my husband had to fly to Vietnam. So we paid for four tickets, but only three tickets were used. Hmmm, waste of money? Of course! But what to do? We tried to invite others but they had prior commitments. So, my daughter just gave it away to the cinema receptionist.

But mind you, though it was really sayang, the movie was enjoyable of course. It was also interesting and funny to see Toby Maguire's naughty Peter Parker dancing and flirting on the street of New York.

And if you want to send ecards of Spider-Man 3 to your friends, you can visit

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Intimations of Mortality

I read this article as written by Ricky Lo in his Funfare column. I was inspired to take note of it not only because I really like Kris Aquino, but also because I had experience intimations of my own mortality. It was a very unforgettable experience which caused myriad of emotions on my part as brought about by the situation I was in and mostly because of that particular person. It was a learning experience for me and it really proved that God is really great. Just pray hard to God and surely He'll still let you be with your loved ones.

So, I want to share this article which you can also visit in ABS-CBN Interactive site.

To make up for her forced "leave" from the campaign trail because she had to prematurely deliver the four-pound Baby James (now weighing 4.6 lbs.), Kris Aquino showed up at the presscon Thursday night at the function room of the Imperial Palace Suites (Timog-Morato Rotonda, Quezon City) called by Regal Matriarch Mother Lily for Kris’ kuya Noynoy Aquino who’s running for senator under the Genuine Opposition banner.

Noynoy is among the 12 senatoriables (from GO, Team Unity (TU) and the "indies") endorsed by Mother Lily, including (at random) Chiz Escudero (GO), Loren Legarda (GO), Manny Villar (GO), Alan Cayetano (GO) (I deleted those names I don't like, sorry guys...)

Yellow dominated the whole function room that night, with Kris and Noynoy’s mom, former Pres. Cory Aquino leading the pack. It was Tita Cory (who arrived at 7 o’clock sharp ahead of everybody) who kicked off the affair with A Prayer For Noynoy she herself had written.
Also present were Kris’ husband, James Yap (looking visibly thinner by 10 pounds he said he lost during basketball practice), and her son Joshua who’s turning 12 on June 4, which is the date Kris will resume hosting the rudely-interrupted ABS-CBN game show Deal Or No Deal. She said she might not go back to her other shows, The Buzz and Pilipinas, Game KNB? (which is now hosted by Edu Manzano).

Still recovering from hypertension, a blood clot in her lungs and gestational diabetes (she’s taking half a dozen medicines), Kris revealed that during her last days of (difficult) pregnancy, she has had her own intimations of mortality.

"I had morbid thoughts," she said. "Akala ko mamamatay na ako. I had to ask James to pray The Rosary with me. The best lesson I learned from that experience is to keep your faith in The Lord. You can never go wrong with Him."

She said she has also realized that she really love(s) James who hardly left Kris’ side during those difficult moments and who has no doubt repented for whatever misdeed he had done. The couple has obviously let bygones be bygones. Good for them. Henceforth, they should listen only to each other and not to people out to destroy their marriage.

"Mahal ko talaga ang taong ‘to," said Kris.

Before the movie press could further "grill" Kris, she excused herself because it was Baby James’ breast-feeding time.

"Please write the complete name Noynoy Aquino on the ballot," she reminded everybody before she and James left.

At the start of the presscon, Kris said that if ever, she won’t make a bid for the Senate to avoid being accused of having two Aquinos in that body.

"I will run for President," she said