Monday, February 28, 2005

My last entry for test drive a mac contest

Through Laughter & Tears, Lessons From My iMac
Posted 2 days, 20 hours ago on February 24, 2005

My three weeks love affair with iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer is now coming to an end. As with all other relationships, this fling of mine will not be ending in naught. For through laughter and tears, my iMac had been there with me, and she will leave me lessons in life and the world in general. Lessons that, as also inspired by Phil Bosmans, will make me a better person.
BE UNDERSTANDING. To understand people and their frailties is one of the best asset one can ever have. Yes, in moment of depression, of weakness and anxiety in our life, it is of overwhelming importance that we come across a good person, someone with understanding who doesn’t give you an ice-cold lecture, but consoles you and supports you.
You see, for three straight weeks,my iMac never even showed irritation for me, even though I admit, it took a lot of trials and errors before I was able to upload a clipart or a photo. She completely understood a computer moron like me. And if the world has an attitude like her for sure this world will be a better place to live.
A KIND OF CREATIVITY. My iMac taught me a kind of creativity, Forgiveness! Forgiving is a kind of creativity that brings new life, new joy. It creates new possibilities within ourselves and within others. Nothing can weigh us down as much as our inability to forgive. And nothing is so tragic as to live day after day, with a sharp resentment and hate in our hearts. We have to forgive again and again. We must forgive seventy times seven times. Forever. Because we too need so much forgiveness.

My iMac never even hanged or quitted on me in a single moment. She was so forgiving of my errors in my wishes to be technically creative with iLife’s features. And as always I could still be creative on my own terms.
ACCEPT LIFE.To enjoy a little happiness, to have a taste of heaven on earth, we must accept life, our own life, just as it is now.

With photos uploaded in my iMac, and seeing my own family, my friends, my children in the centre, all made me realized that yes, this is my life. And oh! I can’t deny it, there is simple happiness seeing them in photos time and time again.
TO BE ALIVE. To live simply and normally, to be good, not always wanting everything, not to be jealous, not to nag or complain, but to help, to do more, to comfort, to visit a sick person, to stand by if someone needs you, to make yourself tire for others, to fall off asleep in a comfy chair, to eat and drink together… and all these because we must but because it makes sense to us, because we are alive.

Do I have to explain all these? iTunes makes me more alive. The music of my heart makes life simple and worth living.
BE CHILD-LIKE.Anything children touch is suddenly fresh and natural, full of colour and warmth. And yes with my iMac’s Nanosaur and Marble Blast Gold I felt fresh and natural. How can you beat that?
LET GO. To say it is over and to say goodbye is the hardest part in the relationship. But I will let go knowing that I learnt a lot in life.

There are more lessons in technical aspects that I am sure even my Kyllenne and Darrielle will be able to learn.

But one thing is for sure, through laughter

and tears,

like me they will also learn how to be understanding, how to be creative, how to accept life, how to be alive, how good it is to be children and later how to let go for these are what iMac is all about.


Luchie said...

i want to win any of the 3 macs.
wahhh! i want an iMac.
vote for me! vote for me!

sachiko said...

Can people outside of Singapore allowed to vote? Just tell me.. :)

Luchie said...

sana nga persons from overseas can vote, pero hindi.
only locals and permanent residents can vote.
sayang, daya nila! how can i compete with locals?