Thursday, February 10, 2005


Happy CNY to everybody!
2005 is the year of the rooster.
it was CNY's eve last night.
in HK we say Kung Hei Fat Choy
i like Mandarin than Cantonese
i am in Sg kasi, he he he.
Ah Ching and Ah Man, it's OK, sure!
3 days holiday yehey!
wah! can we eat all this goodies?
i chose blogging than watching Constantine
ahhh! i am the only one awake here
what a CNY, ni hao!
tips for a perfect yusheng courtesy of Straits Times:

1. once the dish , with all its vegetables, is placed on the table, greet everyone with gong xi fa cai

2. add the slices of fish and say nian nian you yu

3. squeeze the lemon and say da ji da li

4. add the peanuts, sesame seeds, oil and say cai yuan quang jin

5. add the pepper powder(red sachet) and cinnamon powder (green sachet) and say hong yun dang tou

6. pour the plum sauce and say tian tian mi mi

7. add the crackers and say pian di huang jin

8. invite the diners at the table to start tossing and say yue lao yue qi

*we have been doing this for years here. though i am not really a pure chinese, well this is fun.


Bokbok said...

hi luchie, i'm having a hard time reading them, haha!! you must be having fun, plus a 3-day holiday event! kainggit naman kayo! by the way, what's "yusheng"?

Enjoy!!! ^_^

Luchie said...

yusheng is a dish unique to Singapore. it means raw fish in mandarin. yu sounds like extra or abundance and sheng means life as well as raw. the ingredients are all mixed and tossed.

rolly said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you! Sana mas swertehin ka pa ngaong year of the rooster.

Luchie said...

Happy CNY din to you. Thank you. i hope the year of the rooster is a lucky year for all of us bloggers.