Sunday, February 26, 2006

Personal Battle

I will not be able to blog for some time. My family is facing our own battle. We may win or lose. But for us what's important is we fight for what is right.
I know for a fact that there's no perfect place and no perfect people. I know that people are either driven by money and or principles. My family believes in principles and the human factor in every agreement or dispute.
May God guide us and bless us in our own battle. And whatever may happen, Singapore will always be the best country in the world for us.
So folks, whoever you may be, I want to say BYE! And thank you for visiting my site.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Raindrop

I was thinking of my lesson plan for next week and I really could not think of on how I could explain the water cycle to my children in the centre. Of course I am very familiar of the concept, who’s not? But how to tell it to the children wherein they will be interested enough is the problem. Year and year, this concept is included in the pre school curriculum and I wrote almost the same lesson plan, and still I was not satisfied of my young children’s reactions to the lesson. And now in consideration and belief in the theory of Multiple Intelligences, I decided that I need to look for better if not the best, story, song, right wordings, perfect visuals and the right craft activity to cater to the children’s different types of intelligences.

Fortunately, thru Google I met Joel Kimball. Try to know more about him by visiting his site

And his story Drippy the Raindrop is a great help for me.

I thank Mr. Kimball for his very nice children story about the water cycle. And for sure my lesson next week will be an interesting one, what with the story as one of the main points.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Condo Life

I’ve been busy for the past few days/ weeks. We shifted house from Woodlands to Yew Tee. With all the arrangements made, my days had been so occupied what with my full time job.

And so we decided to resume fine living in a condo. With all the amenities around, for sure, life will be easier, convenient and happier. I am not saying that HDB living is not easier and convenient. Of course there are so many plus points in living and integrating with the locals. But then with a resort living in a condo like this, you always feel you are in Pattaya. Oh, how I love life!!

But right now, I am still so tired with the packing and unpacking. I just hope my daily life/routine will be back soon. And for sure, I’ll be able to post photos again and be able to visit other blog sites.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We finally met here in Singapore. My sister and husband visited their son who is working for Hewlett Packard. Though this is their second trip here, it is only last Sunday that we met. Blame it on busy schedules.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fragrant Rice

Image hosting by Photobucket
I took this shot when we flew to the Philippines. And just looking at these farmers, you'll imagine how hard it is to be a farmer. Having met and seen farmers in real life as in my hometown, a lot of people are farmers, I am familiar with their stories, and yet very impressed with how happy and proud they are with their work.
When I was in my grade school, I learnt that Laguna was so famous of the rice it produced and if I am not mistaken, many researches were made about this plant called rice in Los Banos Laguna. That was why I see farmers as the most impressive people then.
And now having lived in other parts of the world, whenever we buy rice, I always look for one that comes from the Philippines. But to my dismay, I have never seen one. Most of the brands are from Australia and the fragrant ones are from Thailand. Where's the rice from Laguna that made me so proud when I was a child?
When I visited my mother in Laguna, I learnt why there's no brand of rice that came from the Philippines in stores and groceries here in Singapore or even in other countries. I know you know the reason why. It is a sad reality of life in the Philippines.
And yeah, I should stop dreaming. Fragrant rice will always come from Thailand and never in my own country. Who's to blame for this deterioration of the quality of rice in the Philippines?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

On Being Filipino and a Gameshow

I lost my two posts. I just learnt that when you change settings, problems may occur. And though I really could not remember word for word what I wrote, I am still trying to write what is on my mind. I just hope nothing will happen and this post will be successfully published.

Image hosting by Photobucket
When we flew to the Philippines, we went to a mall in Taguig, Global City, the Metro Market Market and I took noticed of this poster. So I took a shot. Yeah, if well known people are proud to announce that they are Filipinos, how much more an ordinary person like me. I am from the Philippines and I am proud to say so.
Others had labeled me as unpatriotic for I am residing in another country. Am I really unpatriotic? We found Singapore the best country to raise a family, the country where my daughters will have the best education and the best opportunities to better their lives. We found our own "home" in Singapore. And all these don't mean that we are less Filipinos. We might be permanent residents or even citizens of other country but still we are all Filipinos by heart.
The shows of TFC as we watch on cable made us more proud of being Filipinos. As I mentioned before, the Wow Wow Wee show, a gameshow that awards cash prizes to contestants who are mostly from the poor population of the Philippines made my heart melt. I even labeled the people behind the show as angels.
Unfortunately, 75 people died from the stampede as people tried to enter the venue in ULTRA yesterday. It was so saddening to hear such a tragedy that could be avoided.
I don't want to join the blame game . I know that the concept of helping one's poor countrymen is a noble act. Others may see some negativity on this but all I see are the positive motives.
What's so prominent on my mind now is that my country is really poor. Not because my countrymen are a lazy lot but because there are no jobs for them. If only there are enough jobs.
My country is poor. People died on a stampede just to get a cash prize. Am I still proud to be Filipino? Yes I am. For the problem is not the Filipino people itself but the people who govern.
Sorry folks. It is time we accept the truth. Our poor economy kills more people and more hopes and dreams.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To See My Mom

I applied an emergency leave last Friday 27th of January to fly to the Philippines. So with my husband and 2 daughters we went to Changi Airport.
Image hosting by Photobucket
We took the Singapore Airlines flight to Manila and the plane touched down at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
Image hosting by Photobucket
It was a nice feeling seeing this familiar sight again, the Sierra Madre mountain,
Image hosting by Photobucket
and these coconut trees that all brought memories of my childhood.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Mostly, it was the most wonderful feeling to see and hug her not in portrait,
Image hosting by Photobucket
But in person, my Mom, the most wonderful Mom in the whole wide world.