Monday, November 20, 2006

How if.....

I really enjoyed watching Amazing Race. The time it was announced that there would be Amazing Race Asia, I jokingly asked my hubby if we could join. And you know what, he laughed and laughed. He added that may be we would be the first one to be eliminated, as we would argue non stop on which route to take and every small details we would surely discuss in length before we agreed on one thing. Ay naman!!! Why he could not believe me, that when it comes to games or contest, I'll surely be his follower.

But how if I really convinced him to join, would we be considered? That's impossible to happen...
Kaya eto, the moment I saw this in Suntec City, I instantly asked to be photographed. Kahit man lang sa photo, nasa Amazing Race ako. Saya di ba??

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How Time Flies

How time flies, my baby! It seems that it was only days ago when I carried you in my arms. How I missed those days, my baby!!

I know those days will never come again. But knowing that you are already a mother, a good mother at that, makes me happy.

Happy birthday Krizelle!! May you have the best of everything. We love you!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Afternoon in Orchard

This afternoon we met my cousin and his wife in Orchard Road. They came for a 2 days package tour of Singapore flying with Cebu Pacific.

Since it was 2 weeks ago when my husband and I went to Orchard, we were so pleased with the new Holiday ambience there. I like the new designs for Christmas. Crystals really amazed me. And speaking of Orchard during Holiday season, it is always the best place for me.