Monday, March 14, 2005

TDAM Award Ceremony

Yesterday 12 March 2005 at 2:00 in the afternoon my daughter accompanied me to Suntec City for the award ceremony of TDAM winners. It was also an IT show, therefore there were a lot of people. At the same time, we went to Starhub booth for our digital cable box and of course we registered for another channel, TFC. Now, we will be more updated of what is happening in RP. Nice!

And the best thing is my daughter Marrielle paid for our Marche' bill. What a lucky day!

Here are some photos:
Image hosted by
snippets of my entry as published by Today newspaper here in SG

Friday, March 11, 2005

It hurts to let go


"Love really involves pain as we have to let go of the person we love. As parents we must constantly decide when to hold on to our children and protect them, and when to let them find their independence. This conflict continues from the moment our toddlers take their first wobbly steps alone to the years when our teenagers stay out late and eventually leave home."
*Heaven in Ordinary by Angela Ashwin

Yeah, it is really painful to let go. My eldest Krizelle married at the age of 20. But I am thankful that she found a good person in David and she is happy and fulfilled with her twins Kyllenne and Darrielle. They will be more happy with Darzelle(tentative name) coming out to this world on April or early May.

Knowing that my daughter is happy, my husband and I are both happy for her. The same way when my parents were happy for me when I married very young too.

Though painful at the beginning, letting go could turn out surprisingly better as we are much more closer to my Krizelle ever than before.

Image hosted by David and Krizelle at San Diego Zoo
Image hosted by
Kyllenne and Darrielle at 12 months
Image hosted by
a very happy Kyllenne
Image hosted by
Darrielle wondering why...

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Thank God its Friday! A nice walk around the neighbourhood and eating out are one of the best things Friday night can give. Oh how I love Friday nights!

Friday night can also be a revelation. As we talk longer on Friday nights compared to ordinary days from Monday to Thursday, it is only on Friday nights that we get to digest longer the snippets of things we talked on ordinary days. Therefore Friday nights is a conclusion night.

Yesterday night, we discussed about the lurker. To my amazement, my two daughters were unanimous in saying that what the lurker wrote was just a creative way of being in touch with me. They added that this is the internet age and if a person don't want to be known it is okay.
Wahh! I could not understand that.

With my daughters having a thinking like that, it revealed something to me. I brought them up well. For a person to have wide perspectives on life is an asset in itself.

Now, I am more inspired. I pray that there will be more Fridays to come for us.

So here is one of my favourite poem,
DESIDERATA, as written by Max Ehrman. For the Tagalog translation, you can ask Rolly as this is one of his favourite post in his famous site.


Be yourself
Especially do not feign affection
Neither be cynical about love;
For in the face of aridity and disenchantment
It is as perennial as the grass.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

To Lisa

As you can see I already deleted the whole entry I wrote yesterday.
But I still have your comment with me as it was automatically forwarded to my email account when you commented though of course I got no resource to know who you really are.
I salute you for commenting like that and with links pa, meaning you labored on it.
Why not use your talent in useful means?
Here I was making light of the result of the contest, and you entered my site as if you have the right on my private life.
You don't even know who really am I .
To tell you frankly, I am proud of what I have achieved here in Singapore.
And for me to reach that far is something I am proud of.
Can you speak that of yourself?
Or are you just simply proud of lurking in the dark?
Or are you Filipino enough to malign our being Filipino reputation the more?
SORRY, your kind are just for TRASH!!!!!!!
Thank you for commenting okay!

Fourth Place

The final voting result: I am only in 4th place. This is life. No regrets in joining.
I will paste here some entries I never pasted before. My remembrance.

In iTunes With My iMac
Posted 1 week, 1 day ago on February 20, 2005
True, I accepted a proposal, a short-lived love affair with iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer. I was mesmerized. Could you blame me? For I loudly said I can’t take my eyes off you.

Nevermind, if people declared that fools fall in love in a hurry. I didn’t care. What important was that I will survive. And for once in my life, I could say I had an endless love.

So I said hello with desire in my eyes.

Oh! How the world reacted to this affair of mine.

People could be so honestly convincing.

More than two weeks had passed by, and I truly declared that yes, I can’t help falling in love.

Even my Kyllenne and Darrielle reacted with amazement and relayed that since I am in love, they too are all for love of my iMac.

But now, my iMac seems to say softly, as I leave you . I can’t stop the tear dropping from my eye.

Tell me, how to react calmly with my iLife unfolding in front of my very person?

Yes, save the best for last is the best thing to do.

I’d rather sing this…….

“but I always thought that I’d see you, baby
one more time again, now....”

Goodbye my seductress!

NOTE: THOSE ARE TITLE OF SONGS, IF YOU'LL VISIT the todayonline site thtose songs are linked to the LYRICS.

Mistake and Atonement, My Safari World
Posted 1 week, 4 days ago on February 16, 2005
Mistake and Atonement, My Safari World

I am not perfect, I admit that. I made mistakes in my life; mistakes that made me stronger as a person, mistakes that made me stop for a while, ponder and evaluate various issues in my life, mistakes that made me understand people and loved ones the more. Mistakes are just tools for us, a wake-up call, and a learning experience that makes life more interesting. Therefore I could say that mistakes are just part and parcel of our daily lives.

Yesterday, I made a mistake, a mistake that can be seen in different perspectives and so if taken in another perspective, it could not be a mistake at all. But I took responsibility on it. I made my atonement. Though I know in my heart that I never did hurt anybody with this called “mistake” for I believe I did my best, still there is a lingering hurt in my person, a hurt that will stay with me for a longer time.

Oh, let me make this clear. It is not a big issue, actually. Why? Have you forgotten that I have a lover, my iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer? This lover of mine makes me forget all the hurts in this world. It brings me to a level where I can be a more confident person as I learn more things, become more broad minded, more in tune with nature and more at home.

With all these things that my iMac could give me, I know I could face my everyday life with meaning. So why would I mind the hurt inside me if my lover, my iMac could give me all this happiness that I believe I truly deserve?

Wait a minute, I want to reveal to you a secret of mine. My iMac could bring out the widest smile in me when I am here and there. These places make me more happy and comfortable. So if you could not see me anywhere, you now have an idea where I am.

Well, all these places where my iMac brings me, I can visit very fast and with ease. I could even visit them all in one go. Impossible? You really don’t understand my lover. My lover, my iMac introduced me to this world of mine, my safari world where I could have the superior web experience with outstanding performance. In my safari world, I have the built-in Google Search, a Snapback, browsing with tabs, bookmarks, functional forms, seamless downloads, precision layout, java maximized, privacy reset, down with pop-ups.

You may wonder what they are all about and why safari is the fastest browser. Well, why not try to understand her the more by showing you care.

Now, can you blame me if even though I am hurting and in pain, there is still a glow in my eyes?

So why not have your own safari world too?

My iMac, My iLife
Posted 1 week, 6 days ago on February 14, 2005
My iMac, My iLife

What is so special about my life? I can say I am just an ordinary woman, a wife, mother and grandmother all rolled into one. Though I have been fascinated by the internet since before, my life became exciting when I started writing my web logs. I got to meet a lot of people who made me realized that this is really a great world. Opinions and outlook on life may vary, but still there is a common desire to learn even more. And that makes life more meaningful and special.

The opportunity to test drive a Mac, my iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer, is a learning experience in itself. I have this thinking that I am no match to all those young people who are well versed with computers and the new technologies. I accept the fact that there is a slim chance for me to win this contest. I don’t care whether I win or not. For me it is not about winning or losing. It is about learning something new. And learning about Macintosh, its operating system, its features, and knowing the fact that not all things that came first is the best, is something I am proud of. I can shout to the whole world that yes, I live my life to the fullest and that including test driving a Mac with people half my age as my competitors. Can you match that?

It has been more than a week since my iMac became a very important part of my daily life. Others may tease me and say that oh, you’ve been very slow. Or they may ask me what is so special about that Mac? Of course I will not be able to answer them in technical terms, I will not be able to explain how one operating system differs from another in that lingo. All I can tell them is that I am learning day by day and that I am happy and satisfied than before. My answers will be from the heart. And I know at the end of the day, I will be more happy, enriched and entertained. Isn’t it what living is all about?

Now you may ask me what made me say that I am more entertained? The iMac G5 has this iLife 05 with these features:

1. Garage Band. (Best Jukebox + Store) It lets you easily perform, record and create your own music. It also let you edit your recorded music- adjust, replace or move notes using the new music notation view.

2. iTunes. ( Rock Your Own World) It is recognized as the world’s best digital music jukebox. Once your music is in iTunes, you can use it in many forms and exciting ways.

3. iDVD.(Share your life on DVD) Here you simply need to convert your video camera to your Mac and iDVD will quickly transfer your video onto a DVD. It also rewinds the tape for you and automatically creates an auto play movie on DVD.

4. iMovie HD.( Instant Widescreen) It lets you create movies automatically. It offers easier and more powerful editing features. It comes with an assortment of new audio and video effects and transitions.

5. iPhoto. (Better Photos in a snap). It delivers a completely new way to make books that’s dramatically better than it was before. You can have iPhoto automatically create a book for you. You just need to choose the photos and the iPhoto lay it out for you. The new layout editor will turn it into a personal work of digital art- rearrange photos, change page designs and even edit photos until they are perfect.

I am so confident of my life now with all these entertainment features. And that makes my life so special.

Be entertained too my friends, and taste the excitement of what life can bring. Are you ready?

Of iMac Happiness
Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago on February 13, 2005
Of iMac Happiness

Today, 13 February 2005 is a happy day for me and my family.

Me and my family are completely happy today as my iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer is now running in her fastest speed. What with our BroadBand Plan of 512K.

My ISP called us yesterday night and so the ADSL Ethernet modem was installed with no hassle at all. It took my daughter, Paula Luzcelle just a few minutes to install it. And voila! What a lovely computer! Do I have to say more? Patience has its reward, really.

As my love, my iMac was in her natural, most perfect mood, I immediately took control to the irritation of my youngest who proclaimed she must be the first to explore her in that speed as she was the one who installed her in that magnificent mood. "Oh no my dear daughter!", I could not hep saying. That time, my seductress, my lover was entirely mine.

Filled with the desire to please my granddaughters, I immediately uploaded a clip art for them to see. I could imagine their sweet faces as their Mom shows them via my web log, Cherubim’s Tales. For sure a thank you note from them would be coming up.

Didn’t I tell you? Krizelle was already on the phone in an instant. David, her husband, added that they were fine there and would like to give their regards to the one that made us more closer my iMac.

Marielle, my middle child, who saw the opportunity immediately explored the iTunes. and Marble Blast Gold while I was busy on the phone. ”Unfair”, shouted my Paula. “I should be the one touching her for the iPhotos”, she protested.

My husband there and then told my daughters that iMac is here to be shared together and so, he tried the Mac Excel. He then tried the Garage Band and promised me that he would sing Fire and Rain by James Taylor. Isn’t that something!

Who could not be happy with this happening in my family? We are all so in love with my dear iMac G5 17-inch widescreen computer. We all wanted to be the one hugging her. But in the end, we shared her with each other and we will still do. I already planned the timetable, mind you. Now, I can really say then that a family that use iMac together stays together. So you wanna try to?

So for all of you there our greetings, HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY!!!!