Sunday, June 24, 2007

Four Hours in Changi Airport

Since my husband has been involved in his present project, I really got confused. Normally, I was able to comprehend those technicalities he was trying to relay to me. But now this project made me lose track of him physically too. Yeah, it is really confusing why such a project involves many countries. As I heard from him, Germany, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and of course Singapore. Surely, my “jet setter” husband gets confused too. Imagine, his flight would be at 7.30 to Ahmedabad, but he thought it to be at 3.30. So, yesterday, we got stuck up for four hours at Changi. We arrived at 2.30 hoping to leave at 3.00 but we ended up leaving at 6.30. A four long hours!!

My daughters and I were so happy that we spent four hours in Changi. We had our family bonding. It was the first time that we sent off my husband on his many travels (though he’ll be away for 7 to 10 days only). So we used up the four hours in exploring the airport. Since Changi is really a nice and traveler friendly airport, our four hours turned up to be a learning experience too.

With a lot of shops and eateries, the cozy and spacious airport makes one feel so comfortable and relaxed. So walking around was really exciting for us. What with so many interesting things to capture on camera.

And speaking of restaurants, there is one that serves Indonesian food named Sundanese. It was surprising that the staffs are young Filipino students from La Salle Cavite and also from Lyceum who are on OJT. The manager is also a Filipino. We enjoyed our food and it compensated for our unforgettable experience the previous Saturday. One thing, it was heart warming to meet young Filipinos like them who in one way or another also educate other nationalities who Filipinos really are.

So the next time you get confused of your travel time, don’t lose heart. Changi airport offers many possibilities for you to explore.

Photo 1 seems to look like soft drink tin cans. But no! They are recycle bins. Cute di ba ?

Photo 2 is a sunflower of course! You think it is plastic?!! It is real and you'll see a lot of them near the sky train.

Photo 3 is an Indonesian figurine. You know where it is placed? In the middle of the restaurant on top of the washing hands area.

Photo 4 is a mango juice? Correct but it has its cofee flavour. What an innovation from Starbucks.

Photo 5: can you see that real stone bowl? It is interesting to have my sambal sauce in a stone bowl. Where else can you find that but in Sundanese restaurant.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My 7,107 Experience

On Sunday, the Life Section of The Straits Times featured the newly opened Filipino restaurant located at the second floor of Marina Square. Since the writer made it clear that the restaurant is serving authentic Filipino food, we became so excited and decided to visit the next Saturday which is today.

Due to previous appointment, we managed to reach the restaurant named 7,107 Flavours at around 2.30 in the afternoon. Okay, the place is nice but the food disappointed us, especially me. While eating, we could not help ourselves from complaining. As there were only a few people, our voices might be audible. So I was not surprised when one lady went to our table and introduced herself as one of the owners. She discussed a lot about the restaurant, the restaurant set up especially the kitchen, the how and why of the food preparation and their other plans. She added that one of the chefs was the personal chef of Kris Aquino. She ended by saying her hope of a continuous support from us.

Well, we decided to go there to experience real Filipino food, nothing more. But what did we get? Imagine me asking for the comfort room only after a few bites. What an experience! Why were the foods so cold? Yeah, I understand that we came in an unholy hour. But for God’s sake why they never managed to heat the food? Where was the authentic Filipino food? Where was the kare kare?

Okay, I never ever imagined myself writing all this. But with this media exposure, you could not blame my family if we expected the best, if not a better dining experience.

I hate it that I have to post this. I just hope that they will just improve. As my husband said, “give them a chance.” So maybe after 3 months, we will be going back there. And we hope that by that time, we can proudly say, “hey, we went dining in the best Filipino restaurant in Singapore. And we had a 7,107 gastronomical experience!” Isn’t that something?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Approximately three weeks ago, if I am not mistaken, my second daughter mentioned an interesting website for me to visit. She added that I would surely be entertained. She pointed that she did not find it by accident but was given by her long time friend, Majalyn. I got interested of course. Why so?? Majalyn is my daughter’s childhood friend and former classmate who graduated a double degree of Accountancy and Economics from UP and is now working at the Philippine Stock Exchange. Added to that is her being the girlfriend of the Class’ Magna Cum Laude. Surely, the site would be predictably worth noting.

My daughter repeated the message to me: “Chizmiz…..”

It made me laugh. And I visited the site Honestly, I was entertained reading one showbiz news from another. But lately, as I read one comments from another, I feel shame. I feel shame for those commenters. I feel shame for those who condemn one actress/actor from another; especially those about Ruffa Gutierrez. Ahhhh, they are free daw to comment and write what they want. What a mentality!!!

I discovered one post/blog just now. I felt happy, knowing that there are people like her. Why not visit this intelligent post about battered wives. Do visit Midlife Mysteries at

Ohhh! Of course, I will still visit that PEP site. Those nasty comments? Hmmmmm. Daming inngitera!!!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007


I have a four day holiday this week. Yesterday, Thursday, was Vesak Day and a public holiday here in Singapore. Today, our centre placed it in our calendar as a closing day. Tomorrow will be Saturday and of course the next day will be Sunday. I wrote on my notes what my plans would be for those days. I should have accomplished something by now. Ahhh, and here I am on my second day. What have I accomplished? I am beginning to believe I also have ADD. I am easily distracted nowadays. I can't focus. I should. I must. I need to finish my project on time.

I want to confess that though I was distracted, I also chose those distractions. I was distracted by the movie, The Pirates of the Carribean At World's End. We watched it days ago but still the image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is still lingering on my mind. Now, I am confused who I really like, Jack Sparrow or the real handsome Johnny Depp. Hmmm. Obviously, I'll be waiting for the part 4. I just hope that I'll not get sleepy in the middle of the movie. Oh, I know now why I am distracted. I can't believe that I fell asleep for a few minutes while watching the Pirates. There must be something wrong with the story line. What do you think?

My husband's photos from Gujarat distracted me. He sent me a lot of photos about that place in India. Imagining them made me think of the Philippines. Should I compare? I agree, I should write, see and say the positive side about my country. But on second thought, how can you see the beauty and positiveness when the ugliness created by humans are seen and observed so prominently?

I was distracted by TFC. How could I miss one show from another? A whole day and night of TV viewing made my documents waiting in vain. Tell me, how can I resist that Turkish man talking on TV and saying that word "brutus" to his famous Filipina wife? I imagined how I would be reacting if my ordinary husband would tell an ordinary me that I am a brute. Ahh, life!

The magazine, CNN Traveller consumed a part of my time too, especially the article by Anjali Rao titled Material Girl. Ms. Rao interviewed Imelda Marcos, the former first lady. Based on the interview script, I can say that I see a priveleged person still in denial. Hmmm, maybe she's saying according to her truth naman. Why should that be a distraction?

Ohh, I better concentrate on my report writing. Actually, who cares if I could not concentrate? Silly me. I may also have that delusions. LOL

I just want to say thanks for the mention Cathy of My blog is still here because you alerted me. Thanks.

Ayy, naiba na naman flow ng topic. Am really is distracted.......

But I tell you, it is good to be distracted at times. Distractions made me appreciate life better.