Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Of Failure and Success

Since Monday last week I was waiting for that call. The week had passed and still nothing, no call. Do I have to cry? Can I accept the fact that there are things in life that I could not achieve no matter how persistent am I? In life we have to accept the truth. I failed. But not big time really.

Well, why would I leave my present children? my present environment? I am happy with them and that counts the most.

Then this afternoon fifteen minutes before four I received a call. Wow! I was chosen as one of the 10 contestants for Test Drive a Mac Contest as sponsored by Today newspaper of the MediaCorp Press and Apple Asia. To be chosen as one of the 10 contestants among hundreds of applicants is already an achievement. Surely, I am not a failure after all.

So on Thursday, I will be attending the briefing and familiarisation session at the Today's office at Raffles Place. I will also collect the Mac on that night which I will be test-driving for three weeks. For those 3 weeks, I will write entries about my Mac experiences.

I am so happy and excited about this new development in my blogging life. I will try my best to make it to the preliminary and even to the Finals. Please wish me luck.

Again, I wish to thank the people behind this contest.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! I will be the one to accompany you there on Thursday after work. Clifford Centre isn't it?

Luchie said...

Yipeee! I am so happy I was chosen.

Bokbok said...

naks! congratulations luchie!

Good luck!!!

^_^ boks

kiwipinay said...



gleng-gleng naman!

congratuleyshens, sister!

may you make it to the finals!

di man tumawag kung sino yung tatawag na yun, oks lang yan. maybe there's a reason behind it.

go! go! go!!!!


Luchie said...

Thank you for wishing me luck. I need that.

Luchie said...

thank you for the support. siguro nga may reason kaya hindi ako natawagan. baka blessing in disguise.

Bambit said...

Luchie! I had no doubts at all that you would be chosen ... and you can imagine me drooling at your good luck :) on second thought, don't imagine me drooling, it's not a pretty sight :{ take your mac and enjoy!

Luchie said...

Thank you for boosting my confidence.

Matapoor said...

congratulations, luchie!

at hoy ha, it does not mean one is a failure if one does not get everything one wants in life... diba?!

Luchie said...

You from Germany? Cool.
Thanks for visiting me and for congratulating me.
Well, about being a failure if one's want is not achieved, pa effect lang yun.
I will visit your site too...

Luchie said...

what i mean is that they didn't call me so i was not accepted dun sa school na yon na inaplayan ko. so sad pero of course, i am not a failure actually.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's cool luchie. At least you'll be living out what most people dream about (like me)..test-driving a Mac. Here's hoping you win, too! Cheers!

rolly said...

Congratulations in advance. I know you are worthy of this coveted prize. It would certainly help if we prayed hard. I will.

Anonymous said...

LUCH: goodspeed! i wish u success in this contest. Go Go Go :)


Luchie said...

Anonymous Test driver:
Maybe i can guess who you are already. I hope both of us win.

Luchie said...

ayan I am already confident to call you Rolly na lang.i think we are almost of same age. Thank you for your prayers. sana nga manalo.

Luchie said...

Miss T:
I need that. Thanks.

sachiko said...

Hello luchie! I am not very familiar with the test a mac thing,is that the mac computer you are talking about? inihaw,a good news is a good news,congrats!

pssst..your daughter looks so lovely and nice..

Luchie said...

the mac is the apple computer.since it got different OS, i am not yet confident to use it. i need to post entries for the contest in order to win. and wahhhh! i forgot to save before posting, i lose my entry, i wasted my time writing. i better sleep now and do it tomorrow. aiyah, morning na pala is difficult to switch laptops. i am so clumsy now. bear with me.
thanks for dropping sachiko.

cathcath said...

sama ako ng lima diyan.

Luchie said...

Thank you for visiting.