Friday, February 25, 2005

Thank You

There is something I have to thank for.
Yeah, I thought I would be in last place of the Test Drive a Mac contest as sponsored by the Today newspaper and Apple-Asia. You see there was a preliminary voting and residents here in Singapore casted their votes last Friday till Sunday (18-20 February). To my surprise, I found out that I was in 4th place. I wonder who voted for me.
Ahh, maybe they find my entries funny and interesting though those entries lacked technical substance. Oh I wrote from the heart. Maybe that made a difference.
Well, I should be thankful for this.

Now I still have to post one more entry. What to write about?

Then tomorrow will be the start of final voting. Honestly, I did not have an idea that this will be a popularity contest. If I hate politics and election how much more this type of contest? But here I am hoping to be voted.

I may not win this contest, but for sure just test driving a mac is an experience in itself. Imagine, this Mac costs S$5000 as displayed in Funan IT Mall and as seen by my daughter. Wow! So costly, I would not be able to buy one, for sure.

So here I am dreaming that I may win any of the 3 Macs. Or maybe I will not return this iMac G5 anymore. Cannot! As Singaporeans say. the police will be here in an instant. Poor me, no more iMac Wahhhh!!!!

I will be back with my Hp pavilion mx70 or with my daughter's Toshiba Satellite.

Oh! I want an iMac!!!!

*if you are interested, you can visit today.


schatzli said...

am typing u this comment at the MAC STORE LONDON G5 17" while my husband is sorting our order. Laki ng shop you an test anything even the Ipods!

schatzli said...

GOOD LUCK... baka si batjay ang ng vote sa yo in different disguises!

Bokbok said...

hi luchie! congratulations! at least naka-4th place ka! ang galing! you still have another entry to write, malay natin? di ba?

I wish you good luck! :)

Luchie said...

Hello! ganda naman diyan sa London pala tast driving ng Mac . o, diba ka in love ang iMac ? how's your G4 na Mac now?
Teka baka nga si Mr. Batjay yun ah, sana boto ulit niya ako ngayon.

Luchie said...

thank you. pero malay nga natin no?
hayy! sarap mangarap..

sachiko said...

Wow,Luchie! Great news! 4th place? Out of how many entries? I tried the Today link but it was kind of slow. You're right about your assumption,maybe the lack of technical jargons and the simpleness and truthfulness of your entries touched people's hearts.

Isa na lang,go for it!

Luchie said...

thank you for the nice words.

schatzli said...

After I posted you a comment we went back again!!! the G5 has been ordered, we will keep the G4. Yes in LOndon you can test all Mac products nakakaloka talaga! Sachiko right others prob tried so be so highly tech w d language yours in a different view, different way of writing

Luchie said...

ang ganda ng G5 di ba?
siguro nga tama si sachiko coz Today featured snippets of my entry for the journal for 2 days na. later maybe I can post here sa site ko.