Sunday, April 26, 2009

See You Soon Again

Though you are already there in Williamsburg,

we know for sure that your hearts are with us.

We can guarrantee you that we can

always give you unconditional Love.


See you soon again whether here or there...

Happy in Singapore: We Are Family

We are one happy family!
We thank God for giving us
the chance to be together
as a whole happy family
here in Singapore.
Of course, we thank our son-in-law Allan
for bringing his family here
to be with us.
We are the happiest family on earth!!!

Happy in Singapore: Singapore Zoo

The girls enjoyed watching the animals
in their natural habitats.
Surely, they will always remember
this experience of coming face to
face with the animals.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy in Singapore: Woodlands Library

The girls enjoyed two hours at the
library. At the same time, they met a
new friend.

Happy in Singapore: Pony Ride at ViVo City

Aside from City Hall, HarbourFront was the girls
favourite as Vivo City is the largest
shopping mall here. Not only did they enjoy shopping
and of course eating, they also had a lot of fun playing
and they enjoyed their pony rides too.

Happy in Singapore: Jurong Bird Park

The girls had a lot of fun in Jurong Bird Park
specially Karllise who obviously is an animal lover.
They also got close and personal with the birds
at the Lory Loft.
The trip was a mesmerizing experience
for the girls as they also saw the
highest man-made waterfall.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy in Singapore: Dolphin Lagoon

The girls enjoyed the show at the lagoon.
When they were younger, they used to
call the dolphin as "over". Now, they can name them as dolphins.
They were so amazed of the pink dolphins as they
underwent a series of interactive feeding and
training sessions specifically designed to demonstrate
their natural ability of tail-walking synchronisation.

Happy in Singapore: TimeZone

The girls had a lot of fun in TimeZone
at Causeway Point.

Happy in Singapore: Night Safari

The Night Safari was the first attraction

the girls went to with us.

They got bored with the Creature of the Night Show

as they waited for thirty minutes, that Darrielle

blurted "I don't like it!!" They got excited only with the

tram ride and the animal themed souvenir shops.