Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't Recall The Past

My family always attend the Saturday mass at St Anthony here in Woodlands. The timing best suits us and the location is just minutes away from our place. As usual we did attend mass yesterday.

It is a fact that everytime we attend mass, we learn something wonderful, we feel better and we become more appreciative and thankful of God's blessings. And yes, yesterday I learnt something: we should not recall the past. Actually, I am really trying not to, not to remember all the pain and hurts, and instead see the good life God has given me and my family. I admit that most of the times because of the large scale wrongs done to me and my daughters, I tend to remember them with so much fury. But now, God let me realized that there is no point in recalling them. I should just always remember that in spite of the whats done to us, we are still a strong and happy family.

I hope and pray that God will always give me the courage to move forward, avoid recalling the past and instead see the goodness in everything I have. I know I can do that. I know.