Sunday, February 20, 2005

Save The Best For Last

I am in the mood to listen to my fave music.
Vanessa Williams is one of my favourite singer. Who is she? Here's some facts about her:

Vanessa Williams was born in Millwood, New York, Her parents being both music teachers, encouraged a career in the music industry. She majored in musical theater at Syracuse University, and in 1983, won the Miss America title. This title was followed by scandal as when appeared in Play boy magazine. Mrs Williams has since been honored with two NAACP Image Awards, nine Grammy Award nominations and a number of New York Music Awards.

Her musical accomplishments began with her first release, The Right Stuff (1988); In 1991, Williams released the multi-million seller The Comfort Zone, which featured the hit single "Save the Best for Last," which was #1 for 6 in Canada. Finally in 1996 her latest LP was released titled The "Sweetest days". With not only releasing her own music Vanessa Williams has also contributed to several unique musical projects, including Ain't Nothin' but a She Thing (Salt&Pepper), an all-female concept record".

more about her...

Here is one song of her that I like very much. I bought the cd from HK and is still with me up to this time.
My favourite, Save The Best For Last

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