Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Different Christmas

Ahh, I’ve waited for Christmas. For Christmas is the main event in my life, in our life. But now, already four days before Christmas, I haven’t even put up my Christmas tree. I haven’t mailed the Christmas cards I bought a month ago. I haven’t bought Christmas presents either. All I was able to accomplish was to give small Christmas candies to my children in the centre. Why with all the Christmas trimmings around and the Christmas carols I hear, I still am not in the mood for Christmas? Has Christmas lose its lustre and glow on my case?

I am not negative. Don’t think that way please. I just am thinking that Christmas is getting too commercial everywhere I go. Yeah, I know it is the birthday of Jesus. We have to celebrate. We have to be jolly. But then, how can we be jolly when somewhere there in that part of the Philippines, Albay in particular, many people are sad and grieving as caused by that calamity, that thypoon called Reming?

That should not affect my personal celebration of course. I still should celebrate Christmas with much joy and thankfulness. At the same time, I should respect how other people see and celebrate Christmas. I should honour the Christmas tradition that I was born to. Yes, the trimmings, the festive activities are just externals, an added glow to the festive mood. What’s more important is the feeling deep inside, that our Saviour was born on Christmas Day.

But this Christmas, I just want it to be different. I just want to feel the glory of God in His creations. And one of those is this…

With this view, I really see the greatness of God. How nice it is to feel that His birthday is about serenity and love. How I wish the feeling of calmness will remain in me throughout.

So dear folks, however you see Christmas, whatever we believe about Christmas, let us celebrate and always remember the great love of God.


Monday, December 11, 2006

The Splendour of The Lord

As usual, we attended Sunday mass at St Anthony’s Church in Woodlands. And it was a very inspiring mass again with the homily about The Splendour of the Lord. Though the men in charge were late on cue, it was still nice watching the slide presentation of the simple wonders around us which we at times take for granted.

Yeah, when we are down and feeling blue, those wonders are difficult to feel and see. It is because it is only when “we are pure and blameless” that we really see and feel that unexplained but prominent feeling of awe and serenity on all those simple things that God provided for us.

Though it is just natural to feel sad at times, we should always see the bright side of things. For when we see the bright side, we feel happy. That is why I always seek God’s guidance for me to feel joyful with the simple things I got.

And I want to share here some simple photos I photographed that made me feel and see the splendour of the Lord.

We also see the splendour of God in people around us. As for me, I see God's wonders in my own family especially my grandkids.

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As an early childhood educator, I always see and feel God's wonders in all the children in the centre. For whatever they are doing and or they are saying and in whatever moods they are in, God's love for humanity is always prominent.

Just look at him.

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At her.

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And at them.

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Can you feel an unexplained joy seeing these young kids? (note: these kids were sponsored by my daughter's company to visit Sentosa)

Now if you are in the early childhood setting, but you feel irritable, impatient and angry most of the times, please, please leave this profession. You don't belong here. For those like me who love children will always want to see the splendour of the Lord through the children. Please don't make our beloved profession as lowly as you. Don't stain it with much hatred. Can you? Will you?

Friday, December 01, 2006


I am supposed to be sitting not in front of the computer but over there in that air conditioned room where I should listen and need to learn more about developmentally appropriate curriculum. I was not able to attend that course for the simple reason that it suddenly just hit me that I was so tired those thirty minutes ago. Yeah, I suddenly felt so tired. Imagine that, I was able to condition my mind that I was tired to attend my lesson. Hmmm, what’s happening to me?

Well, as much as I like to attend my course, I suddenly could not bring myself to get out of the house after an hour rest from full day work. There are many things on my mind that bother me. Surely, I would not be able to concentrate with the lesson if I pushed myself to attend.

So what is the purpose of my post? Ahhh, I just want to remind myself that I should not ever open the book I closed years ago. And if ever those people happen to read this post of mine, I’d like to say this: “sorry guys, but you are just part of my bad dream, gone forever in my consciousness!!”

Acch, I’m tired! But surely, this tiredness is just for a fleeting moment. I know that my stamina to face my life is still there. For I know that God gave me those strength to face my life with much courage. I know I know…..