Monday, February 07, 2005

iMac True Love is Patient

My second entry for the contest Test drive a Mac. For details you can visit

iMac True Love is Patient

What is so wrong with my love? I want to explore her the more speedily with ease. I want to show her off to the whole world for them to see with their own eyes how magnificent and lovely she is. I want to upload photos of her in different angles showing her perfect features, but it seems she is in a difficult mood.

I then went to Hello shop at Causeway Point and ask for a modem that will make her run faster, speedier, but gentler. The customer officer told me that she is in that mood as our connection of Broadband 256K was changed to its former connection of 56K Dial up when she was installed. To bring her to excellent mood, I must sign for a recontract for broadband 512K that will provide an ADSL Ethernet Modem. I thought I can have it connected easily, right now. I was disappointed. It will take 3 days for them to do it.

What to do with my love? I have to be patient. I have to wait. You see she is extra ordinary special. The whole world may have not seen what a beauty she is but I know in due time she will capture all their hearts and minds. In the mean time I must accept her present mood , and isn’t it what true love is all about? And what is three days wait when I know after that she will truly be a beauty to behold.

I remember one
lover of hers, He is entirely correct with all his adulation of my iMac, my lover.

I know in due time, all of you will agree with us iMac lovers.


Major Tom said...

It's February and then you find your LOVE. Of the many computer shop in the world, you find your love there. Happy Valentines to you Ms. Luchie G.

Luchie said...

Daily Prophet:
Happy valentine to you too. Thank you for visiting.

Bambit said...

luchie dear, i am absolutely certain that you will win that imac contest. i looked at the other contestants and only Ng Ker Min comes close to what you have done. ang tatamad magsulat nung iba and even what little they have can't hold a candle to the way you write :) your avid fan -- bambit

Luchie said...

thank you bambit. i hope i will win