Monday, January 05, 2009

A Teacher's Prayer

When I went to Novena Church last month, I decided to go to the shop to buy some religious items. I bought a book titled Moments with God. And since the school year had started last Friday, 2nd of January, I feel that it is just apt for me to start this year with a prayer. The prayer I chose was taken from the book I bought. For I know in my heart that I can have a meaningful and fruitful year ahead only with God's help. So here is the prayer titled, A Teacher's Prayer.
Generous and ever loving God,
You have entrusted me
with this great responsibility
of molding not just the mind
but the whole person
of the young people under my care.
Thank you for helping me grow
and develop as an educator.
This is an important mission
to which you have called me.
Help me to remember this
when I am tired of writing my lesson plans,
preparing my visual materials,
thinking of my teaching strategies
and following up my students' behaviour
and performance.
Help me to be patient.
Keep me always healthy and calm
and may I never get annoyed with students
who need special attention in class
or who do not seem to be interested with my lesson.
Grant me the wisdom to learn new ideas, methods and techniques
to make my lessons more fruitful
and meaningful.
May I be filled with your Holy Spirit
to make me ever joyful and hopeful.
May I be faithful and loving instrument
in the building up of your kingdom on earth
as I try to follow the example of ypir Son
Jesus Christ, the greatest Teacher. Amen.
by Trinidad D. Molina