Friday, June 05, 2009


Convenient is a word mostly used whenever we answer the question Why? Why did you do that? Because it is convenient. Why did you accept that job? Because it is convenient. Why did you take a cab when you can walk in going to your workplace? Because it is convenient. Yeah, we always answer with the word convenient. That is why I now understand that a store nearby is called as a convenience store. Because it is convenient to buy items there than to go to the supermarket or shopping mall.

There is a convenience store near the MRT in Woodlands. Whenever I passed there, I was always tempted to buy small items like pens and ribbons for I was too lazy to go up to Popular and buy those stationery materials. It was really convenient especially if I need a few items only.

Then three weeks ago, I saw a signage/banner, a wall mural actually, glued on its outside wall where people walking by would notice instantly. I got a terrible headache when I read it: "Convience Store". But as days passed by, I get used to seeing it. Actually, I could say that my mind had already accustomed me to it and it seemed correct already. Seeing the word convience everyday made me accept it as correct even though I knew that it was incorrect. Seeing the visual repeatedly apparently conditioned my mind.

Then this morning when I passed by, the wordings were already corrected. I saw the wordings as correct: Convenience Store. Surely, I felt happy for the change but I felt my head trobbing. Why so? Why did it got corrected when I already got used to saying convience on my mind? Headache. I confess, I have to condition my mind again....LOL...

Why am I telling this anecdote? Because I just understood the great power of advertisement, publicity and PR machinery on people. I also understand now why there are big banners and millions of budget to advertise a person, a product and a company. Those ads and publicity do affect and change people's thinking.

With all the headline news in the Philippines, I just hope that people will still realize which ones are correct and which ones are incorrect. Hmmm, take the con-ass, I'm afraid in the next few days the Philippines has a Prime Minister as a head of state instead of a President. Oh, forgive me. It is just because it is really convenient to accept that. Joke only.... What do you think?