Monday, January 24, 2005

Why Napelle?

I don't intend to make an entry today but I decided to. I feel elated because of what my daughter just told me. You see, she asked why I used the name napelle for my other blog : around the world on my pc. I told her it is a combination of her Dad's and my initial. She then searched napelle in google and then and there she found out about this .

pls go to this site: if you are interested to know.You will see there the subtitle when: 26 days, 8 hours, 29 minutes ago.

I am thankful to the people behind this site for the acknowledgement and on highlighting my opinion. Thank you.


Thess said...

That's one cool link Luchie. I would have been proud myself, but I am content of being proud for you!

At first I can't seem to find 26 days, 8 hrs., 29 mins....then I figured, this was yesterday...*lol*

Great week to you and your family :-)

Luchie said...

I need to be proud of this small thing as in being happy of small things makes us more appreciative of the bigger things.
Thank you for appreciating with me and sharing this little happiness in my life.
Happy weekend to you and your husband.