Sunday, January 02, 2005

My boundless joys

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Kyllenne and Darrielle wearing pink and blue cheongsams respectively.
They are one of the reasons why 2005 is a bright year ahead for us.


Poppycock said...

luchie, you have every reason to be happy for 2005 with your beautiful bundles of joy, reminding you of what can be so beautiful and promising about life just by being there. children really have this air about them. i wish that we, even for a day, can go back to being kids and let go, for awhile, of the things that we worry about everyday.

happy new year!

mrs. p

Luchie said...

thank you mrs p.
yes, it is a nice feeling to feel like a child at times.

sachiko said...

The best thing in life is those babies! They must be your inspirations..

Luchie said...

thank you Sachiko. yah, they are my inspiration.