Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Keep your chin up, Miss

I am on leave today. It is a nice feeling to be away from work just for a while. So I decided to meet somebody in my field for a small chat at Ang Mo Kio. I hope our meeting will turn out positively and be evaluated by the higher up on my favour. I am looking forward for the result next week.

On my way home as I was walking to the MRT station, two men whom I presume were from Africa approached me. They asked how they can get to Lavender. They explained that they asked people in the nearby bus stop but all of them never even bothered to answer and never even looked at them. After I told them what MRT line to take, the taller man asked: "maybe because we are black?" I saw the hurt in their faces. I felt their pain. I just answered that maybe it was because of the language problem.

Have you ever experienced being ridiculed? Did people look down on you even your loved ones because of a mistake you have no control of? How then did you react?

Meet a woman who held her chin up inspite of everything. Here's her STORY


Anonymous said...

how is racism in singapore? here in NL racism is not such a big issue since they are the brouhahas when it comes to rights, whatever rights, even a plant here has a right lol. but we have problems of arabic-muslim insurgents and i cant help have my negative biases because i have had bad personal experiences with this lot. i am not also afraid of black people, but if i meet them just in case in a train station at night and they look shady to me. i would avoid.


Luchie said...

Miss T:
There are 4 races here and we, (including us) live harmoniously. i can say that racism here is just personal. though i can add that asians are more racist actually than caucasians. even Filipinos are regionalistic.racism is a psychology of most people and i can say a way of life, but they hide this attitude just to prove that they are civilized. what hypocrites!
nevermind, i don't want to discuss this in length as this is something sensitive. but i consider this as a personal choice of people whether asians or caucasians.
thank you for your visit.

rolly said...

I don't recall having been ridiculed even when I was younger. Maybe when i was a boy. I can just imagine the hurt and anger that would swell in me if i was ridiculed.

Thanks for visiting my site and posting a comment.

sachiko said...

That story about the woman in Chad is heartbreaking. Imagine they stopped eating to shorten their lives,poor women. And she stopped campaigning, maybe she got tired and realized she just can't fight the system and the backward mentality or the lack of information of her people.

Thank you for the insightful post Luchie, keep them going.

Luchie said...

Tito Rolly:
thank you sa pagbisita. and kamusta sa mom mo.

yeah, sometimes the enemy is the system that was created by man.
thanks for the visit.