Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Life is great really! But at times no matter how bright our days are, some people will make it a point to darken our bright days. Though how we take it, or our attitude on this behaviour is more important, still we get affected. Take my friend, I can't fathom why she always see the dark side. Others may conclude that she has a very low self esteem that is why she behave that way. All I can say is that she is a pessimist.Maybe this words of wisdom from Phil Bosmans will help her to be "alive" again.

There are people
who give out light.
And there are people
who darken everything.


You are not a pessimist if you grieve over a deep wound in your heart or when a sea of problems weighs you down. Neither are you a pessimist when you are deeply saddened by the unbearable suffering of so many innocent people. Nor because of the savage violence and injustice in the world.
A pessimist is a person who spends a lifetime in a darkroom- developing only negatives. a pessimist is a person who says it's going to rain, when the sun is shining. When things are going well, he say's it won't last. He's suspicious whenever anyone is kind or friendly.
A pessimist has poor eyesight: he never sees the pretty things.
A pessimist has poor hearing: he never hears the good news.
He feels the pain but not the joy. For him everything is dark, empty, sad. He never turns the coin over, to see things from the other side.

Medical diagnosis: "Pessimism has a detrimental effect on digestion and blood pressure."

Conclusion: "Optimists live longer than pessimists"

Afterthought: "Pessimists don't live, they are dead long before they are buried."

Are you a pessimists or an optimists. Do you try to see the other side of the coin? Or you just make a judgement based on hearsay?
Life is great, of course. Let us all make this world a better place and let us live longer....


Anonymous said...

no matter what you say or words of wisdom you posts, it is just natural for people to put you down or be sarcastic. jealousy and crab mentality is inborn on most people.nobody can change that.

Luchie said...

To Anonymouswhoever you are:
i still believe that there is an inherent goodness in people. wrong perceptions can still be cleared. but yes, there are limitations on everything especially if a person is not well educated or is jealous of something. we cannot change them no matter what. we better change ourselves by not dealing with them big time. i mean we can deal with them minimally only..

Bokbok said...

hi luchie! came here via sachiko's.

good to know that i'll live longer. ^_^

Luchie said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting. It's nice to know that. let us all be happy!

Dr. Emer said...

A wonderful post. People should really count their blessing more often. =)

Luchie said...

Dr Emer:
yes dr. no matter what, we all have more blessings than failures in this world of ours.