Saturday, January 15, 2005


My entry today, 14 January 2005 is dedicated to my youngest daughter. Today is her natal day and I wish her the best of everything. Whether she will be a teacher, a stewardess or an engineer after she graduate at Ngee Ann this semester, I will be supporting her choice all the way.I composed this poem for her.

When I woke up that morning
smell of roses
light of a new day
music of the angels
touch of a warm breeze
all made me
When I woke up this morning
kiss of a baby
cry of a seraph
feel of a magnet
voice of hope
all seduced me
to say
My pretty baby
My Paula Luzcelle
Now a lady.
Happy happy Birthday!

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Elle in black with Erwina and Wanseen

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Elle in white with Wanseen


sachiko said...

Happy birthday to your dear daughter!
She will be graduating this semester already? Wow!
She's lovely, I take it that she speaks Hangul very well?
Maybe she's gonna be a stewardess...

Dr. Emer said...

Happy, happy birthday to your dearest daughter. It is so touching to read also a lovely poem from you to her. She must be really proud of you as a mother. :)

Off-Topic: I noticed you were voting everyday for parallel universes. I thank you for your continued confidence in me and my posts.

However, the RULES clearly says that voters should ONLY VOTE ONCE for their candidate. This is where the trouble and "cheating controversy" began. I sent you a link to my post clarifying how one should vote. I'm sending it to you again for ready reference below:

Kindly refrain from voting everyday because Dr O's polling software reads this as "cheating." What you can do is campaign or ask other friends to vote for me if they think my blog deserves the award. Deadline for voting is midnight of Jan 16, PST or about 4PM monday afternoon to us here in Asia.

Thanks so much. I appreciate all the help you are giving me. :)

Luchie said...

yeah, she'll be graduating this sem which will end on April 2005. thanks for the comment Sachiko.

Luchie said...

it is a great honor to be visited by the great doctor, dr. emer. thank you for your comment. as for voting, yeah, at times, i forgot the time zone here and over there. meaning, i just was so eager to have you win.