Sunday, January 23, 2005

If you can't laugh, you can't live

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* please note the book Give Happiness a Chance
by Phil Bosmans

It was Hari Raya Haji yesterday, a public holiday here in Singapore. I looked at my book cabinet and yeah I noticed this book written by Phil Bosmans, the head of an organization in Belgium known as Bond Zonder Naam. It was an old book actually and was published here in Singapore in 1984. But still, I can see the relevance of his words in today's everyday living.

Here is an excerpt:

Laughing is healthy.
You need to laugh.
Humor is healthy.
(you can ask The Ca T)
Do you think enough about this aspect of your health?
if all your anxieties give you wrinkles in your heart,
you will soon have wrinkles on your face.
Laughing frees you.
(why not see how Kiwipinay giggles)
Humor relaxes you.
A laugh can free you from needless intensity.
a laugh is the best cosmetic for your outside
and the best medicine for your insides.
if your laugh-muscles work regularly
your digestion will improve,
your appetite will be stimulated,
and your blood pressure will stay down.
Humor gives you a sense of proportion.
(Mr. Batjay can show you how)
Laughter and fun don't only influence your metabolism,
but also your sorroundings.
They lessen the tensions
and the tears.
Laughter and fun free you from the deadly earnestness
about leaden problems,
free you from that miserable daily drag.
laughter and fun are the best remedies
for the drugging of your heart and mind.
laughter and funopen out new spaces
for the still unknown joys of life.
A day when you don't laugh is a lost day.


BatJay said...

maraming salamat sa special mention ate luchie. ang sarap ng long vacation natin dito sa singapore ano? yesterday, nag lunch kami sa geylang tapos nag swimming kasama ang mga kaibigan. at least kahit papaano ay nakapag relax.

in 2 weeks naman ay chinese lunar new year na! another long break for us.

cathcath said...

thank you lunch. I am flattered for the special mention.

kiwipinay said...

weeehehehehee..... *with my chinky eyes almost closed due to giggling*I was here a while ago but haven't seen this post yet.

Thank you for sharing that exerpt. And thanks for the special mention. ;)

Luchie said...

Mr. Batjay:
totoo yan Mr. Batjay(pasensya na every time I call you with a title, i came from exclusive school kaya hindi sanay)
naku malapit na nga Chinese New Year, sarap talaga dito sa Singapore. bakasyon grande na naman. yehey!!

Luchie said...

hi Cathy, you really deserved my special mention.

Luchie said...

ayan kung may sound lang dito sa comments, tuwa kami lahat dito sa tawa mo. not only i am your fan, even my daughters are.
we like your posts really...

rolly said...

hindi matatawaran ang isang hearty laugh. These days, kung manonood rin lang ako ng sine, comedy na hahanapin ko. One can never run out for the need to laugh.

Luchie said...

Tito Rolly:
yeah, enjoy manood ng sine lalu na kung comedy. panoodin mo (or i'm sure napanood mo na) ang Meet the Fockers ni Ben Stiller. nakakatawa talaga, ha hahaha!!!

Poppycock said...


the best things in life are free, you are so right on there. laughter is such a priceless commodity and if people did it more often, there would be a lot less sickness in the world.

Luchie said...

yeah, this was the theme in Assumption Antipolo when my eldest daughte graduated in prep. isn't it nice to be free like the birds? and if we add laughter in our life,true, sickness will be lessened.what a wonderful life it will be...