Thursday, January 27, 2005

Happiness and fragments

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January 26, 2005 is a happy day for me.
I am completely happy today as it is my Mom's 82nd birthday. She may be far away there in Pangil, Laguna Philippines, but I know she is well and okay and is happy with my younger sisters.
I am confident that after our trip to US to visit my daughter and her family, I can invite her again to visit us here in Singapore.
I can already imagine her happy face upon visiting the birds in Jurong Bird Park and the animals in Singapore Zoo and meeting and touching the pink dolphins in Sentosa.
Happy Birthday Mom, the woman of the year in Laguna province back in 2000.
Benedict the most hyper in K2 has a long talk with me. He told me he wish to go to Woodlands Ring Primary School next year. I told him that in order to be accepted there, he needs to listen to teachers and concentrate on his activities. He promised me he will and added that he already knows how to spell long words. He really spelt them correctly. In my joy, I hugged him and he hugged me too. What a kid!
The Today newspaper had an advertisement: Test Drive a Mac Contest. It was written there that it is an opportunity to challenge the perception that Macs are built just for people in the creative industry by just test-driving the Mac and then stand to win one.
Of course I did apply. But what are my chances to be chosen if they only need 10 contestants? Nevermind, there is no harm in trying. Who knows, I might be chosen. Then I will have my own Mac. Yipeee!
My husband received a Chinese New Year bonus. Wow! I am really really happy.


Anonymous said...

Mom, labo naman ng mga uploads mo.
but anyway happy b-day to Lola

Dr. Emer said...

Happy happy birthday to your mom, and congratulations to your hubby for getting that bonus! I'm also happy for your wonderboy speller. Things are going great for you these days. :)

Luchie said...

Dr. Emer:
Thank you! yeah, things are going great. therefore, i try my best to be appreciative of all things that come my way. i am also happy as you give time to visit my site, as I know you have lots of fans all over.

rolly said...

happy birthday to your mom. So, she was voted "Woman of the year" in 2000! Well having reared you well, I'm sure it's a title well deserved.

celia kusinera said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! And good for you things are definitely looking up. cheers!

Bambit said...

hi luchie! best wishes to youro mom, and i do hope you win that mac ... is that the mini mac up for grabs? i've been looking at the site and salivating ...

sachiko said...

Wow,Luchie! I envy you! My mom died when I was ten...
Happy birthday to mommy! Can I call her mom.too? :)

As for the bonus,I'll fly to Singapore, blow out naman!

Luchie said...

Thank you for your greeting my mom. the funny thing is the provincial government honour her first and the local one follow later. my corection: it is Mother of the year, not woman of the year.

Luchie said...

Celia K:
Thank you.with things looking good and going up, they make us really happy. thanks for visiting my site.

Luchie said...

The top prizes : 15 inch powerbook, 14 inch iBook, and iMac. the rest of prizes are 20GB ipod.
Thank you for greeting my Mom. and of course I hope to win anything.

Luchie said...

yes Sachi, you can call her Mom as she is fondly called "Mommy Emer" or "Lola Emer".
if you fly to Singapore, I can bring you to Newton Circus for their well known chilli crab!