Sunday, January 09, 2005

Academic Year 2005

It is the beginning of the academic year here in Singapore. All pre schools, primary and secondary levels started the academic year. And of course, I am so busy preparing everything for my children. Teaching children is really a tough job. But since teaching children is my passion, I find fulfillment in every preparation I do. People might reckon that this age level is the easiest level to teach. I don't think you are right. If you think you are right, I challenge you to provide me with your reasons for saying so.
With me very busy, I feel I will minimise my blogging on this site of mine. But there is one blog of mine that I will try my best to visit everyday: my news blog. It is of my opinion that the news around the world makes us a better person. I feel that I am a better person, not only because of my family, my education, my career, but because of the news all over the world. Do visit my site if you can at I am sure with the news around, like me, you will be inspired to face your everyday life with meaning.


Thess said...

You are so busy and yet you always fidn the time to say hello to me. Thank you Ms. Luchie.

You are God's gift to the children and I admire you for your dedication and love for them. Hopefully these kids are giving you much love in return.
More power to you.

'will visit your other blog

Luchie said...

yeah, busy but still can visit yours. i am amazed of young people's creativity. and with your site, i find you a very creative person.

sachiko said...

Hello luche_g dear! I have a question for you: Have you been to a hospital for a check up? Don't tell me you're busy to spend half a day to check things?? Me,I will go next week cos I missed the yearly medical examination sponsored by the government.

Don't abandon this site,please. Hope you'll tell us more about your job next time!

Luchie said...

thanks for visiting Sachiko. of course I will not abandon this site.
my health is okay. thank you for your concern. i am just a paranoid when it comes to sickness.
good day!