Sunday, December 26, 2004

My brother, Roberto

The first day I started blogging, my big brother was again in the news. Though, it bothered me, I never did touch on his story.
Today, I feel I need to tell something about this big brother of mine.
Others may like him, others may hate him. But is it relevant in the way he was brought up to this world? You may hate or like him, up to you. What's important is that he is a living legacy of my own father, a father who had principles and would fight for these principles to the end.
For a country like ours and the way it has been projected in the international community which is really saddening, to go with the flow is the main thing in order to survive and have food on the table. But not with my brother. Principles count the most even though it may cost everything he worked for.
I salute you big brother.
And for those, who disliked or liked me because of my association with him or with another infamous brother of mine,I respect your decision. But sorry for you,for we in the family respect each others ideals.walang personalan....

Link to my brother's story


cathcath said...

i salute ur brother , luchie.

Luchie said...

thank you cathy

Major Tom said...

Hi. The link to your brother's news story did not work but im gonna check it later on. I wonder and am so curious about thy famous brother.

I have read some saying that says, we can choose our friends but we could not choose our family. In general, we always have to experience frictions in the family,but i think that's normal. In my experience, when at times the things that happens to us becomes unbearable, it is only the family that sticks with us, who we find beside us in the moment of the greatest need.

Luchie said...

mr. masdal; thank you for leaving a message.