Saturday, December 18, 2004

Excerpts: How To Be A Good Wife

(I am on MC today that is why I was able to finished reading the book I borrowed from the National Library here in Woodlands Civic Centre. The book, Just Checking , scenes from the life of an obssessive-compulsive, is written by Emily Colas. It is a nice read and a funny one. I found one of her entry in the book, How to be a good wife, a very amusing piece. Though it can be accepted in a light mood, I could not agree with her compulsive thought of how to be a good one . I may just stick to my philosophy : "just being me". But who knows, I may also try hard not to be a strain . Lucky Napoleon!)

How To Be A Good Wife

Don't be insane, a pain or vain
nor mundane, areane, or plain.
Use your brain
don't complain
no disdain
remain urbane.
Do not go against the grain.
Entertain in your domain.
Explain, sustain, and ascertain
all you find to be germane.
Clean a stain-
prepare for rain-
refrain, abstain, from the profane.
Maintain,obtain, have it pertain-
Tupperware and cellophane.
try hard not to be a strain
pick your guy up at a train.
Wear a chain, eat chow mein, clean with Gain.
don't do cocaine.
Have a nice walk down the lane
run your fingers through his mane
sometimes even snake a drain
never, ever be inane.
make your love so high octane!
that his interest will not wane.

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