Thursday, December 16, 2004

How Can I Forget Suzanne?

My youngest, Elle, is in her last sem and she is doing her final year project. As usual, I reminded her to be careful with her hard or soft copy, whatever it is, and hand it over only to her lecturer. "Don't ever trust to hand it to your classmate." She looked at me with irritation and said: "Mom naman, I hear that every time. walang Suzanne dito."

Suzanne, Suzanne. She has been a part of my 3 daughter's tertiary life. Everytime they have projects to be submitted, I always remind them of Suzanne. Suzanne, the girl who stole my case study when I was in college. The lovely Suzanne who told me not to worry for she will give my case study together with hers personally to our professor who happenned to be a priest. The next time I know, I failed my Child Psychology course and Suzanne was nowhere to be found. My professor left for Vatican and just gave me a red mark. The Registrar told me to contact Fr.., for what? In his haste to go overseas, he never even contacted me why I never submitted my case study when in reality, I told and even showed him my rough draft. God, I observed my nephew for six months, gave him projective tests, and wrote my prognosis and analysis on his behavioural patterns, only to be given a red mark. So tell me how can I forget Suzanne?

Nevermind, I still feel I am lucky. You see, I am always with children now. I have every time of my day observing them, loving them and being amazed by the complexity of their nature. Suzanne made me more aware of children, for she pave the way for me to read more about children, for without her gracious act, I would not repeat the

So Suzanne, wherever you are, don't worry, I have forgiven you. But how can I forget you?

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