Wednesday, December 15, 2004


ang aga naman ng tawag ni nanay. 7:15 ng umaga. wahh !! 8:00 ang pasok ko, maawa! maliligo pa ako. sabi ni nanay: anak patay na si FPJ. pakelam ko. what???

I can hear my daughter say: "FPJ?, Mommy corny mo naman!" Corny nga ba? Well, I just want to say something about the man who had been a part of my most afternoons when I was still a Guidance Counselor at Siena College in del Monte, Quezon City. You see during those times, he used to be a sight at FPJ compound which was infront of Siena. The first time, I saw him I said: "what hindi pala gwapo si FPJ. But then as days passed by, I told myself that I was mistaken for FPJ was indeed a very handsome man.His ready smiles made him endearing.

FPJ maybe a good man, but in politics, which is a dirty world as far as I am concerned, he cannot be my choice. Though, I was not able to vote, I could not imagine myself voting for him as President.

Now that he is gone, I will just always remember his smile.
May he rest in peace.


sachiko said...

My uncle was FPJ's director for many years. He was filming an FPJ-Tony Ferrer movie when he had a heart attack after a press conference. FPJ shouldered all the funeral cost and now he's gone.It seems to me na all the people I loved and respect when I was in the Phil.,unti unti nawawala...Means I'm getting old?

Luchie said...

dear sachiko, don't think about getting old, what's important is the legacy we are trying to perfect for our loved ones sake. cheers!