Sunday, December 12, 2004

Measurement of Happiness and Success

Every person aims to be happy and be succesful in the world she is in. This aspiration, actually, is a basic need. A need that came about since birth. Yes, even as babies, we respond and interact to meet our basic needs.

The satisfaction of our basic needs depends on our own personality as distinguished by our own individual genes and the environment that provided us with the satisfaction or limitation of our needs. Therefore, the make up of how we interact to the outside world and how we take it, added with how we interpret it, is very very complicated. For an ordinary individual, a particular person's manifested behaviour in any medium of responses may mean a thing or two. But for a person whose self esteem and self confidence is that far which make her a well rounder, a person's reactions or responses are seen in different perspectives, all with a touch of understanding.

Now, how we measure happiness and success? There can be a lot of answers. For me, no matter how happy or successful you are in the perspective you want to accept, it will not always be real happiness, if in your manifested responses, you never give a chance to other people to be happy too. Happiness and success need to be shared.

Share your success and happiness!!! Can I say damn you?? Who the hell you think you are???

Sorry I will not say those words. I have breeding!


Thess said...

Bakit nga po ba, may mga tao na ayaw maligaya ang iba?

tanong na hirap ako hanapin ang sagot...

Luchie said...
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Luchie said...

to Thess: it is because they are insecure themselves. that is the most probable reason.

Anonymous said...

i'm not technically savvy, i pressed the rubbish bin, delete pala yon.