Thursday, October 16, 2008

...because i am forgetful!!!

You lost items in school for the third time. First, you said you lost a bag/toy which was placed inside your office. The next time you said you lost your hand phone near the dining area. Then this afternoon you said you lost the make-up kit you bought to be used for the K2's concert. So you asked for a meeting. Of course it is really pathetic that things will be lost in school considering we are all educators. You then told us that you lodged a police report when you lost your hand phone. You added that when you found out that you lost the make-up kit, you called the higher up. If that someone will be found out to be the culprit, her name will be stripped from MOE's register and will not be able to teach the rest of her life. Correct, correct. We all agreed. But when you added, " so when I go to your classroom, you must keep whatever I left behind or tell me that I left something because I am forgetful" an obvious affirmation of your irreponsibility, made me irritated. So I told you that you should also change your behaviour. You must change your attitude. Girl, you must first learn how to take care and be responsible of your own things. If they got lost, it is your responsibility. Yes, I pity that you lost things. May the real culprit be named. Not only she is a disgrace to our organization she also tainted our profession. But girl, you blew this big time. Yes, big time. You just cannot rationalize that you are forgetful. Blame yourself for losing things. It is not our fault that you are forgetful. Do remember that those who are not doing anything wrong have their dignity also. And I am one of them. Tell me, how can you let us work with dignity knowing that because you are forgetful you might lost things again and we can be the suspects???Ahhhh girl!!!
and the main qurestion.. how if teachers are not registered or when you register them the registration does not reflect the correct qualifications.. hmmm it gets me thinking, girl....

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