Sunday, June 15, 2008

Follow Your Dreams

Above are photos of my husband before he had his left thalamic bleed. And whenever I look at him now, I feel a little bit sad. Sad that he is not that healthy now. There are so many "ifs " that are flashing in our mind which we should have done to prevent that stroke. You see, stroke is hereditary. As the doctor said, it is bound to happen but can be prevented. "If only if."

What console us now is that my husband is stronger in spirit now. He always recite his affirmations to himself which helped him realized how great a person he is. Here are some of his affirmation (taken from a book I let him read):

1. I am relaxed, trusting in God's plan that is unfolding for me.
2. I have a positively thinking mind and a perfect body.
3. I let go anything I have ever held against myself and see it dissove into the highest light.
4. I give myself permission to live, laugh & love to my fullest capacity.
5. Divine love now dissolves & dissipates every negative condition in my mind, body & circumstances.
6. My sense of worth cannot be measured by comparison with others.

Me and my daughters are very hopeful that my husband will recover fully. And this day, we want him to know that he is well loved. Happy Father's Day! We love you!!

This is for you.

Follow Your Dreams
Follow your dreams
wherever they lead,
don't be distracted by
less worthy needs....
Shelter them, nourish them,
help them to grow,
let your heart hold them
down deep where dreams go.
Be faithful, be loyal,
then all your life through,
the dreams that you follow
will keep coming true.


tin said...

ngayon lang napadalaw ulit, tita luchie. i hope your husband is recovering well. God bless you and your family.

Luchie said...

thank you tin. surely, you enjoy your stay down under. God bless!