Sunday, July 20, 2008

Difficult People

My husband sleeps early around nine o'clock to nine thirty everyday. When he's already sleeping and the next day will be a no working day, I usually visit other blogs and or post my own entries. Just now,I posted an entry about a meal I cooked ( I also visited blogs. One post I took notice was about the topic of difficult people. There was a question why God gave us difficult people to be with. So I asked myself that question too.

When I was younger, I thought that dealing with difficult people would be a challenge. That was why when I came face to face with real difficult people, I took that as a challenge. I gave myself only a few years, the most two to three to tame them. The first year was really challenging as I tried to revise on the different Personality Theories I learnt in the course of my degree studies. The second year was more on experimentation on why and how those people behave in such a way. The third year was frustrating as I became disoriented on why I could not pin point the rationale of their psychotic behavioural manifestations. The next year, I stopped counting but I continued praying to God to please enlighten them. As I stopped counting, I did not noticed that many years had passed by and I was getting older. When I woke up one morning, I heard a voice as if telling me:" you wasted your years waiting for them to change, did I not tell you that you should avoid loud people in the first place? " Yes, it took me years to realized that most difficult people will never ever change.

Back to the question, why did God allowed difficult people in my life? I don't know if it was fate, but all I can say is that those years with those difficult people made me a better person, mother and wife. Though it made me shaken and disoriented most of the times, I am proud to say that I survived. Yes, I am a survivor. For the strength of mind and spirit I acquired in the process. I thank God. Without God's help, surely I can imagine myself in that cold cruel basement.

So for those difficult people, always remember there will always come a day that your victims will wake up. Got it?

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