Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday & Children's Stories

Yesterday, a father wrote to me requesting that I give away goody bags from his child as it was his son's birthday. He added that he would appreciate it very much if her son would be greeted by the children and by me also. Of course, I obliged happily.

So we sang the birthday song to Nigel, the birthday celebrator. One child asked, "Ms. Luchie why Nigel has no cake for us?" You see, the children got used to the tradition that a birthday celebrator brings cake and goody bags. I just answered that " ringing cake is just an option, what's more important is we greet him on his birthday."

In my classroom, if I have the time I normally make a birthday card for the birthday celebrator of the day. Since I had time yesterday, I made a birthday card for Nigel. I showed it to the whole class and they all applauded for Nigel. Hong Yu suddenly blurted out; "Ms. Luchie you did not give me a card on my birthday!" I was not able to utter a word and later asked "Really?" Sarah answered for Hong Yu, "Yes. You did not give me a card too." I was a little shock. Deep inside me I want to say "Oh my! These children can remember. Did I hurt their feelings?" When I gained my composure, I promised to them that I will be giving them cards on Children's Day.

Children do really make us stop, think and wonder. They may look innocent but actually thay are geniuses who make our life more meaningful and enjoyable. Oh, how I love them.

How I love my grand daughters too. They are angels. That is why I wrote a story titled "The Three Angels Versus The Five Witches". I know that someday they will enjoy reading my stories for them.

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