Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am busy with these kids. I find joy being a major part in their over- all development. I am also busy with my husband. I feel happy and satisfied that he makes it a point to finish the food with less salt, less sugar and less oil I prepared/cooked especially for him.
And I am as busy as them.
Photo 1: My 2008 pre school children. How nice to see them smile on camera.
Photo 2: My husband with me at Narita Airport. How nice to see him so healthy and fit.
Photo 3: My twin grandkids. How nice to see them at play.
Oh, I've really been soooo busy. Do I complain ? No, I never did. How come one person asked me to take a break? Wow! If she only knew that my being busy is a play for me. Yes dearie, I am busy but I am happy. Can you beat that?


bingskee said...

hi, luchie!

nice looking grand kids!

Luchie said...

Hi Bing! Thank you for the visit.