Thursday, August 31, 2006


Tomorrow is a non-working holiday for us teachers and so the centre is closed as here in Singapore, Teacher’s Day is celebrated every 1st of September. So, I have a whole day rest from work and from my studies.

So to all teachers out there, Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

It is quite interesting to play both the role of an educator and a student at the same time. At least at this time I relearn how it feels to be a student. Do I like my lecturers too, the same as my children may like me? Well, with young children, if they express that they like me, it is the truth. For according to Angela Ashwin, children often get things right. They often see the goodness in things because they have not learned to be cynical. Now, do I see my lecturers with a heart and a thinking of a child? Oh…..

It was months ago when I read about the complaints of students from NUS. If I understand it right, they were complaining about their foreign lecturers who could not pronounce English words properly. My initial reaction then was of indifference to those university students. How could they just not be thankful for those foreigners who had their doctorate in first class overseas universities who had Singapore as their choice to impart their knowledge? But surely, you could not just judge people unless you are on their shoes.

Imagine me now, with a lecturer who has a doctorate from USA who pronounce child as “chai”. God, I wanna die. Forgive me, forgive me. I know I am not perfect and others are not perfect too. But hearing “chai” every time, I am thankful it is Teacher’s Day tomorrow.


JMom said...

hi Luchie! Happy Teacher's day. So are you off from work tomorrow? We have Labor Day on Monday, for us worker ants :), so we have a three day weekend coming up too. That's always a good thing.

Hey, I'm glad you left this link when you commented on my blog. I had almost forgotten you have multiple blogs too, like me :D Wish you were closer so i can pick your brains about ADD. It was interesting reading your posts there. Meron kasi akong isang anak na hindi namin malaman kung meron siya o ano. Anyway, I'd love to discuss this with you sometime.

Luchie said...

I am glad to see you here JMom.
So, Labour Day is September nga pala sa US. Happy weekend too.
If you observe that your child has the behavioural manifestations for ADD, I think you better collaborate with your child's teacher too and school psychologist for an early intervention. Though of course, we could not just label a child and with an Inclusion policy as the US, your child is still as same as everybody else.

JMom said...

That is what we did, especially when her teachers first pointed it out when she was still in elementary. her teachers were convinced that she has some form of attention deficit so we did take her to a psychologist to be diagnosed, but he said that although she has some symptoms, he couldn't say for sure that she has ADD. he actually said that she DOESNT. But her school problems persisted so we were at a loss whether it was more of an attitude/behaviour problem rather than a focusing problem. Every year for her was like a lottery. If she got good teachers, she does fine. When she doesn't then we're in the same boat again.
She just started high school this year, and so far she is doing well so we are crossing our fingers that maybe she is now reaching some level of maturity and responsibility. She is actually very smart, she is in the gifted program. That's the weird thing. She just didn't like doing the work! :D

Luchie said...

Good evening from here Jeanette aka JMom!
And that is the wonder of God's creations. Your child may have ADD but still she is a gifted child.
Your child for sure will grow up fine and may overcome all the difficulties she's facing what with a nurturing and positive family as yours. All she needs is your love and understanding and that counts a lot. There are things that interests her and those are the ones you have to work with her most often.