Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thinking Patterns and Quotations

I just finished reading Dr. Dawna Markova’s book titled How Your Child is Smart. It was a nice read for I gained a lot of information on how to identify a child’s thinking pattern. I believe that it is of key importance to know a child’s thinking and learning pattern for it will help parents and teachers alike on how to help a child learn according to how his mind works and to the best of his abilities.

According to Dr. Markova, there are six thinking patterns. They are:

The Leaders of the Pack”. They are natural powerhouses who learn by teaching others. They tend to have difficulty learning how to read and write though they have extensive speaking vocabularies.

Movers and Groovers”. They use their bodies in order to learn. They are athletes and are labeled to be hyperactive. Reading and writing may be so difficult for them.

Show and Tellers”. They learn best through reading and light up when telling stories. They are natural persuaders, good students but shy away from sports.

Seer/Feelers”. They prefer working in groups. They are empathetic children who learn best by doing what they are shown and asking endless questions.

Verbal Gymnasts”. They love facts, history and idea of all kinds who have to talk in order to understand. They are effective and articulate communicators whose words pour out in logical order. But sports may be difficult for them.

Wandering Wonderers”. They learn best in solitude and are so called quiet Einsteins. They can learn physical tasks easily without verbal instruction. They can also become overwhelmed by listening.

Based on the above patterns, which one best describe your child or even you?

Aside from knowing those thinking patterns, I also like the book because of the quotations in every chapter. Here are some quotations I like.

“We are all so different largely because we all have different combinations of intelligences. If we recognize this, I think we will have at least a better chance of dealing appropriately with the many problems that we face in the world.” By Howard Gardner.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they’re capable of doing.” By

“The real teacher, in fact, lets nothing else be learned than- learning.” By Martin Heidegger.

“Education is not filling a vessel, but lighting a fire.” By Carl Jung.


JO said...

my son is a "verbal gymnast" while my daughter is a "wandering wonderer"...

Luchie said...
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Luchie said...

Jo, I am sure you can enhance your children's learning more because you are aware of how they think. I am particularly fascinated with verbal gymnasts. Debates on current events make them so engaged too.

Major Tom said...

A very informative post Ms. Luchie. I think all four children of mine conforms to two or a combination of traits enumerated hereat.

I always observe the learning progress of my kids especially the two boys who are now enrolled in formal schools and sometimes I felt like I should be of assistance to their formative years; finding ways to make them learn more and be more interested in the lessons.

Maybe I should try reading books similar to Dr. Markova's nowadays. The insights are really good.

luchie said...

It is a rarity nowadays for a father to be so engrossed in his children's learning. You're such one great Papa major Tom!!
Have a nice Sunday!!

Major Tom said...

Thanks Luchie, I guess I just value education like no other because it is the best enabling modality for our kids when they grow up...

Luchie said...

I agree major Tom! Good education whether formal or informal enable children to face their life better.And with a good environment as the one you provide, surely, the world will be a better place to live.