Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy 41st

We had an early National Day celebration in the centre last Friday. You see, on the 9th of this month, Singapore will celebrate its 41st birthday. And so the children aside from singing the National Anthem and doing the pledge had a great time singing all those National Day songs.

After our mini program, we had our giant jelly making of the national flag. The children are really children for the celebration may not be the best centre celebration I had participated in my whole life as an educator here, still I saw the joys that glowed from the children's eyes. Experiencing the relevance of the national symbols in songs and dances and in cookery lessons,made them more proud as little Singaporeans.

When I went to my course at 6.30 that day, my lecturer asked her captive audience if they are really willing to die for Singapore. Will they emigrate in the future if and if?

I really could not understand some people. Here they have a nice life where the government take good care of the children, the family and the community but some are still unsatisfied. The saying that people are really in constant search for something they do not have is really true.

I had resided and had visited different countries. I gained different perspectives. Maybe that's the reason why I am appreciative of what I have now. Maybe if some people will realize how lucky they are, maybe they'll be more appreciative.

For me, Singapore is still a nice place to live. I may like Hong Kong. I may love America. I surely am proud of the Philippines. I am a Filipino. But Singapore is my home.

Happy 41st birthday Singapore!!

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