Saturday, September 02, 2006

Let us free our creative spirit....

My daughter forwarded to me an email she received from her friend since tertiary days. And I particularly took noticed of this photo, a work of a graphic artist done when she was that bored. How nice it is to see a peeled orange transformed into a form of a frog. How creative that person is!!. Kainggit.

Now we may ask ourselves; "why I am not that creative? Am I creative? "

I just finished reading the book Free Your Creative Spirit by Vivianne and Christopher Crowley. According to them which I fully agree, we are all creative but most of us are unaware of it. To discover your creativity, you must begin with what is inside you. We have to believe that we can do it.

The authors pointed out some things to remember to free your creative spirit that I would like to share here.

Negative thinking is: only special people are creative, I am not a special person. I am not creative. Forget this.

Positive thinking is: humans are an extraordinary species with extraordinary talents. Humans are creative, therefore I am creative. Remember this.

Your inner child holds the key to your creative self; don’t be afraid to play. Once you allow your creative self to play, you will find that you are far more creative than you had imagined.

Give yourself positive experiences of creativity and they will rid you of the memory of the bad ones.

So come on people. Let us explore our own creativity in our daily living….


DOPS said...

hi! tama ka nga, we should alwasy be positive...not only in terms of creativity but in all aspect of our lives... I do believe that having positive outlook in life makes our life easy, enjoyable and exciting.

Have a happy week po...


Luchie said...

Thanks for the visit Dops.

Major Tom said...

I think I have already read somewhere before how by nature we are all artists and that we only have to waken up this aspect of our persons...I guess, it must be all true. Once I had this sort of unusual feeling, like going into a trance, and then something in me wanted to do some artwork and I painted and painted for days...Some friends noticed how I was a little weird at that time but I guess, it was just that my inner creative self was keenest at that point, and I have to take advantage of it while it was there...The paintings were not as refined but some who had seen them had actually liked it. I told them half-jokingkly that mayhbe one day, I can sell them on e-bay.

By the way, belated Happy Teacher's Day to you Ms. Luchie...and More Power!!!

sachiko said...

ha? ang galing! very creative nga!

The Japanese are very creative too,yknow. Origamis, drawings,inventions,cars,etc.Maybe it's in the culture too?

Lani said...

We are all creative.

Belated happy teacher's day, Teacher Luchie.

Luchie said...

*Major Tom: and i can feel that you are creative not only in painting but in writing. more power to you..

*Sachiko; yeah, i agree japanese people are creative. who can beat their origamis? when i attended tha Asian Congress of Storytellers last year, it was the Japanese lady who captivated me with her styles.

Lani: thank you for the visit and greeting.