Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Project Approach

After our workshop in the centre yesterday, we teachers decided on making a project of changing the decors on our glass panel divider/window. The moment we agreed on the theme Under the Sea, we immediately went to work. We collaborated on choosing the right colours, drawing, cutting and pasting. So in two hours time (and that includes jokes and anecdotes about almost everything from children to parents), we were able to finish our project.

We were so proud of our final product. That was why we took photos. Look at the photos above. Nice, isn’t it? My photos reveal the happiness that radiates from our faces.

Just think. If we adults are proud of something we have done, how much more our children? So to build up your children’s creativity and self esteem encourage them to do project work. And you’ll be amazed of the social skill, language skills, cognitive skills including problem solving and thinking skills that they may surely acquire in the process.

So why not start a project approach with your children now? Take it from us, all early childhood educators!

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