Sunday, April 09, 2006

Renewed Comfort

I was not able to speak to my eldest last night. The phone was passed from my youngest to my second daughter and then to my husband. They talked of a lot of things from the twins, baby Karllisse, the weather, their life over there and our life over here, and then of a new faith. This evening, it must be my turn to speak to her.

Ahhh, how I wish my eldest and her family are all here with us and that we are physically together! How I know that could not be possible this time. Maybe in the near future. And in the mean time, I should just be comfortable with what technology could provide us.

As far as my husband and I are concerned, we provided my eldest daughter the best environment we could give her. We sent her to the best exclusive school for girls in the Philippines. We gave her the warmth, the understanding and the freedom that were due her. Though of course, we are not perfect. We may have made wrong decisions in our roles as parents, for at the same time we also did our roles as siblings to our own and as children to our own parents. But then we know in our heart that we made my daughter realized that there is that great bonding and love among us as one family and that she is particularly loved for I know in my heart that she acknowledged that since the beginning which made her a loving woman today. And so, I am really proud of what my eldest turned out to be; a young woman, a young wife and mother doing it fine in America without us by her side and spreading her loving being to one and all.

My husband and I fully support my eldest in all her decisions in life. Though she spoke of a new faith, we are trying to understand her. How I just wish that she find renewed comfort in her born faith.

Ohh, there is comfort in looking at my goldfishes. Watching them as they move makes my day a better one. Makes me understand that this is life. There is simple joy and simple comfort in seeing what we are used to see.

So for my eldest Krizelle, this photo is for all of you. I wish you all the best!!!

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Krizelle said...

Eventhough I have changed my religion, I know in my heart that I will never forget the Catholic Church. Baha'i has just given me everything I am looking for. I am a better person.

Luchie said...

Mummy is happy for you, kriz!