Saturday, April 29, 2006

And now, happy at work...

When I was in Williamsburg, I was tempted to decide to apply for a pre-school teaching job there. Of course, I was not yet sure if I would be accepted or needed to take some certification exam. My daughter informed me that with the qualifications as mine, it would be an easy attempt for me. So I got a little bit confident and prepared my papers to apply to that world brand organization. But then, my husband called and pleaded with me to go home to Singapore.

It was a painful decision for me,also leaving the twins, Kyllenne & Darrielle behind. But the fact that my eldest understood my decision eased the pain I was feeling then.

As it was my goal to teach in that organization when it is time for my whole family to stay in the USA for good and be with my eldest (though I am not sure of the future; if my 2 daughters prefer Singapore over USA) , I decided that I better work in that branded organization here in Singapore. So there and then, I contacted Ms. W and asked if I could work with her again. She gladly said yes. After ten months, few small things that accumulated happened along the way, and I decided to quit.

How’s my plan to work in that branded organization in Williamsburg? Ahhh, I could still work there or I could apply in other schools. And what’s important is my work experience, not the place where I worked before.

I surfed the internet and looked for job openings. I came across this job posting stating their organization’s reputation of being a centre of excellence as they provide the best learning experiences to pre-schoolers and children with special needs. As I am so much interested in Applied Behaviour Approach, I sent my application and was scheduled for interview. I was then asked to report for a 3 days training, as the Managing Director stated that it was a company policy. Since I was impressed of their approach even though it is a small organization and I was not in a hurry yet to get a full time job, I agreed and started 3rd of April.

On my 3rd day, the Managing Director who is a she told me that the training was actually for 3 months as and at the same time I would be attending the British Council’s Public Speaking Programme. What??? That was an insult to the max! She reckoned that since they have Western children, they would never speak Singlish. She added that since I came in a neighbourhood centre, we all speak Singlish over there. She said that they will never ever speak Singlish in their centre. I found it so disturbing to hear a Singaporean who studied in NUS and who took her Masters in UK, to say that. Of course, we should speak grammatically correct English. We should refrain speaking Singlish to the children especially during lesson time. But then I still believe that her elite Singaporean children will still mingle with the neighbourhood children when they grow up in the future. They cannot avoid conversing with these neighbourhood children who speak Singlish. And yeah, her opinion was hers. I could not agree with her. Maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong. All I could say then was “Goodbye!!!” to her so called elite school.

Immediately I looked at the newspaper ads. I saw this posting from an innovative centre also in CBD. I started working there on the 10th April. I teach younger children in the morning and in the afternoon I teach primary children from P1 to P4.

So far, I am happy with my work. There are also Western children in the centre. My colleagues who are mostly Singaporeans also speak Singlish and there’s no problem.
And yesterday I received my pay cheque. That makes me happier. I can go shopping. Wow!!!


sachiko said...

hello there you went to malaysia,cool! hub and i are gonna take a trip to okinawa too this month. :)

my ref are full of pics and memos too,scheds and forget me not things..

btw, happy birthday (very late) to your good looking son in law!

Luchie said...

hi! sachiko. enjoy your trip sa okinawa. super ganda daw don...