Sunday, April 16, 2006


One of the peculiar custom of Easter time is the Easter Egg. And in the centre on the last day of the week before Sunday which is Friday, we usually give all the children boiled eggs for them to paint with different colours. They will then bring their easter eggs home.

Here's an explanation why we have easter eggs :

"Because the use of eggs was forbidden during Lent, they were brought to the table on Easter Day, coloured red to symbolize the Easter joy. This custom is found not only in the Latin but also in the Oriental Churches. The symbolic meaning of a new creation of mankind by Jesus risen from the dead was probably an invention of later times. The custom may have its origin in paganism, for a great many pagan customs, celebrating the return of spring, gravitated to Easter. The egg is the emblem of the germinating life of early spring. Easter eggs, the children are told, come from Rome with the bells which on Thursday go to Rome and return Saturday morning. The sponsors in some countries give Easter eggs to their god-children. Coloured eggs are used by children at Easter in a sort of game which consists in testing the strength of the shells (Kraus, Real-Encyklop die, s. v. Ei). Both coloured and uncoloured eggs are used in some parts of the United States for this game, known as "egg-picking". Another practice is the "egg-rolling" by children on Easter Monday on the lawn of the White House in Washington. "

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Major Tom said...

Belated Happy Easter Ms. Luchie. This is a very informative entry. I had always wondered why we have this custom on the final day of Lent. I thought it couldn't emanate from the Bible coz I haven't heard any story there about bunnies and eggs.

Just the same, even though it's of pagan root, it is still a joyous activity and can still relate to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Luchie said...

Belated Happy Easter too Major Tom.