Saturday, April 01, 2006

Achievements and Humility

It is just normal for all of us to be proud of all our achievements especially about obtaining an education and then landing on a prestigious job overseas. If we are that proud of ourselves, our dear parents are more proud of us. They are the one who even disseminate information on us.

Being a parent myself, of course, I am proud of my children too. But for me I am not only proud of what they have achieved education wise and with pertains to their jobs, I am also proud of what they become. I am proud that they were able to make it here, considering the Singapore education system is entirely different from the Philippines. I am proud that they landed good jobs in prestigious companies here. But then I am more proud that they know who they are. That if they achieve something, they are fully aware that in their life, they may be better compared to others, but there are always people who are better than them. I am proud that they have their feet on the ground.

And that perhaps differentiate me from other parents. I taught my children how to be humble. Because for me successful people are those who are humble.

Why I am writing this? Because I am so fed up of parents who shout to high heavens how their children are doing good, ignoring that the world is big and round and that there are more people who are high flyers than their own. They are just proud of their own children? For heaven’s sake, if you hear her son’s tales of achievements since pre- school up to now when she calls, you’ll get irritated too. Or you’ll think of something, she’s obsessed. She’s obsessed of her son’s achievements.

How I pity her. If only she equates achievements with humility, maybe then, we’ll all be happy for her and her son. Oh, why I am saying this. I really don’t know the real score. Maybe, that is her life. She is happy with projecting to one and all that her son is a great achiever. I will not take that away from her.

But I do hope she also listens to other people’s stories


Krizelle said...

ha ha ha...I know who you're talking about!

Luchie said...

hey krizelle. eh nakakasawa na rin talaga. you know naman that i am all so proud of you 3. eh ikaw nga having straight A's dyan sa VA, pero never na ininggit ko sila.

bing said...

hi, luchie. i know what you mean. parents cant help themselves be proud. sometimes it is just their way of feeling that life is not hard on them, that they have still have something good in their lives. just a maybe.

i tell my kids achievements, too, to friends when they ask. i have a portion in my blog for them, too, with their achievements, and weaknesses, too. and someday when i am gone, i hope they will see how i thought of them.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean bing. Of course, we should make it known to our kids how much we love them and acknowledging their achievements is one of the ways.
but then some parents nga forgot that over doing it would make their kids be swell- headed. you know, i reckon that in everything we do and say there should be balance.
and yeah,with you pointing to your kids their strengths and weaknesses as well, for sure make them well balanced kids. you are for sure one great mama.