Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Raindrop

I was thinking of my lesson plan for next week and I really could not think of on how I could explain the water cycle to my children in the centre. Of course I am very familiar of the concept, who’s not? But how to tell it to the children wherein they will be interested enough is the problem. Year and year, this concept is included in the pre school curriculum and I wrote almost the same lesson plan, and still I was not satisfied of my young children’s reactions to the lesson. And now in consideration and belief in the theory of Multiple Intelligences, I decided that I need to look for better if not the best, story, song, right wordings, perfect visuals and the right craft activity to cater to the children’s different types of intelligences.

Fortunately, thru Google I met Joel Kimball. Try to know more about him by visiting his site

And his story Drippy the Raindrop is a great help for me.

I thank Mr. Kimball for his very nice children story about the water cycle. And for sure my lesson next week will be an interesting one, what with the story as one of the main points.

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