Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fragrant Rice

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I took this shot when we flew to the Philippines. And just looking at these farmers, you'll imagine how hard it is to be a farmer. Having met and seen farmers in real life as in my hometown, a lot of people are farmers, I am familiar with their stories, and yet very impressed with how happy and proud they are with their work.
When I was in my grade school, I learnt that Laguna was so famous of the rice it produced and if I am not mistaken, many researches were made about this plant called rice in Los Banos Laguna. That was why I see farmers as the most impressive people then.
And now having lived in other parts of the world, whenever we buy rice, I always look for one that comes from the Philippines. But to my dismay, I have never seen one. Most of the brands are from Australia and the fragrant ones are from Thailand. Where's the rice from Laguna that made me so proud when I was a child?
When I visited my mother in Laguna, I learnt why there's no brand of rice that came from the Philippines in stores and groceries here in Singapore or even in other countries. I know you know the reason why. It is a sad reality of life in the Philippines.
And yeah, I should stop dreaming. Fragrant rice will always come from Thailand and never in my own country. Who's to blame for this deterioration of the quality of rice in the Philippines?


evi said...

I honestly do not know the reason. I buy Jasmine rice from Thailand.

Luchie said...

hi evi! as marketed, correct me if i'm wrong, jasmine rice and fragrant rice are the same yata.